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Originally Posted by APK View Post

I think it's mostly a matter of the condescending, authoritative tone a lot of these posts have that ruffles feathers. It's not that someone who just registered an account here can't have pre-existing knowledge of these things, but empirical evidence suggests that's rarely actually the case.

The posts were not all that condescending and authoritative. Brad just overreacts to anything that might have been read from the classic menswear books.

I'm gonna condescendingly and authoritatively say that the jacket is too short.

And yes, that is because it is traditionally not the right length. Does this mean that I can't appreciate different blazer design? No.
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Guys stop it someone's feelings are going to get really hurt. Think of that poor jacket having to hear all the time that "it's just too short." Shit's plain mean.
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This is why fabrics get cosmetic alterations so they can artificially lengthen their hems, nip excess rippling out of the sleeve pitch, and get their bodies slimmed too much.

Fucking tragic.
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KJ that fit looks better than the all black. Probably change the shoes up...too brown and not enough gray/olive undertones. Perhaps a brown suede would work better seeing how it has more character than flat smooth leather
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god this thread fucking sucks
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what's up with all these really early join date users with low post count
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what's up with everyone amirite
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lol if you think reg date / post count mean anything
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fwiw the jacket was short and had no shape.
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Originally Posted by volchok View Post

Unless you're a relativist, which I am not, good advice is good advice and stands on its own.
If you need to see how a person dresses in order to determine if their advice is solid or not, you don't understand fashion, style or how knowledge works.

sorry, but this response irked me so that i had to respond. are you saying contextualization is not needed for understanding, especially in a "niche" area such as fashion. if random dude comes off the street and tells you he's an oncologist and starts giving you advice, you're telling me you won't view him askance? you're not a relativist, so do you only see in absolute terms? if some silly looking dude in ill-fitting walmart items goes around using rhetoric/diction in a seemingly authoritative tone, then he's bound to seen as silly. that's what a new person to a community who sticks their nose too far and right away into a conversation comes off as. how many self-proclaimed stylists are out there who take themselves seriously and look like absolute morons? there's plenty on youtube. sorry dude, the way you've been portraying yourself in a lot of posts make you come off as silly. you seem like you could be smarter than that.

i'm sure everyone has their own valid opinions, but people have poor ways of delivering - i.e. their social skills are shit. do you go to a party and start calling people you don't know by their nicknames, do you make fun of some dude you don't know because his friends are ribbing on him? seriously, this is an online community with established people who are part of it. anybody with some social know-how, tact, and etiquette should be able to treat this forum just like a "real-life" social gathering. who the fuck is this random guy telling me shit like he knows me and knows shit i know i know? (speaking for the many) plenty of new posters have come in and were accepted readily, because they have good social skills and probably know a thing or do about interacting in groups. people get butthurt too easily - learn to have a thicker skin and not take things too seriously, or continue to be overly sensitive and think you can come in with the sense of entitlement others have earned (rightfully or not) - see how far that kind of attitude works in the real world...

anyway /rant and welcome all the newbies to the forum...maybe lurk more and learn the dynamics or don't and fight an uphill battle from the established pissy-people or the newly-established pissy people...

edit: good advice does not stand on it's own always - or even most of the time. how am i to take advice from someone on something specialized when they themselves have established no credibility whatsovever? what if i don't know anything about "style" or stupid rules and such subjective things and end up taking shit commentary seriously? Rather, what if i have no medical background whatsoever - and to turn around your poor comparison - some some shitty doctor gives me bad advice and i think it's good advice? how am i to know? perhaps it's you who doesn't understand how "fashion, style or knowledge works"? do you realize how fucking condescending that sounds?
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

The posts were not all that condescending and authoritative. Brad just overreacts to anything that might have been read from the classic menswear books.

In general, I meant, not necessarily the cluster of posts that has us involved in this oh-so-delightful digression.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

this is kind of awkard. the pants seem almost too big (yet too low rise?) in the top block, but seem too long and too tapered at the bottom. sleeves on the cardigan look sloppy

could be your stance tho!
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That´s a cardigan?? Looks like an oversized collar-less (thick) shirt...

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It's a very thin rayon shirt.  Hemming the jeans has been on my to-do list for awhile but I hate getting things tailored..

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