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I think I've posted about it here before, but the shirt combo is Talking About the Abstraction. It's a tee with this removable...thing that is screen printed with patchwork madras.  It's asymmetrical and sort of weird.



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I love when a piece can best be described as a... thing

See also: SoCal's Raf Simons copper... thing from way back when
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I bet sipang has a good collection of ...things.


rather, objet d'art

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Originally Posted by Asop View Post


lurk more

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Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

lurk more

No, he just needs to Xhale and calm down.
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It has nothing to do with post count, just the quality of the fits, criticism, and advice. There are some fantastic posters with lower post counts who obviously know what they are talking about and consistently post inspiring fits (eg. Platypus), as well as members with high post counts who consistently post poor fits and add very little in the way of constructive criticism. But lackluster fits and comments will be criticized, hopefully for the sake of inspiring improvement, regardless of post count. If someone posts a poor or experimental fit they should expect criticism, again, regardless of post count.
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I've been here for years and I still make shitty posts teacha.gif
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Where the fuck all these new dus comin from?
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and why are they all rushing to the waywt thread to regale us with their "knowledge?"
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can we go back to talking about cars and nikes? today im wearing some frees, some nike running shorts and a 4 year old merona tshirt!!!! woo.
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SS13 suede cps look fucking dope.

4est you gonna be around next weekend?
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from owning both suede/leather cps the suede seems a lot less nice than the leather, and wears kind of rough
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The open shirt looks super Marty McFly-ish KJ

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Well I was about to hop in my delorean so that's fine


edit - noobizor, they're grey jeans painted with a thin white coat of paint that is kinda flaking off in spots, found them on yoox

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