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those duck boots are pretty ridiculous

Originally Posted by JunyaYamamoto View Post



this picture might surprise you as im not hairy at all like my avatar.


what my hand is blocking is a cool velcro flap pocket on the t-shirt, looks military.


eddie bauer shirt

coming soon linen/cotton pants

junya watanabe CDG duck boots

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Originally Posted by Bartender View Post

those duck boots are pretty ridiculous


yah i know theyre not that popular around here. i love em.

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e0d best dressed 2012
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Originally Posted by zach9 View Post

Trying on new blazer.. thoughts?

10/10 would reblog
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Would you just look at that cat anus?
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

haha ok sorry to derail thread but wrx's look fantastic, especially the hatch. and I don't know what world you live in where german cars are more reliable than japanese cars...

Dude, I mean visual appeal.
Originally Posted by zissou View Post

I owned a GLI 1.8T with tiptronic for one weekend. That's how long it took me to realize that that transmission just doesn't work with a turbo. 140K is not that many miles. maybe you wrecked the transmission? wink.gif

I drove it pretty hard.. the tiptronics got great reviews at the time, and in 2002 everyone had to have one.. should've bought the vr6 manual
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i know nothing about cars but I will never own a fucking tiptronic. Wow, you get to change gears, but you don't get clutch control, which is the whole point of a manual - more control. Seems like a silly gimmick to me.
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my saab has tiptronic. i almost never use it. it's kind of fun, as a novelty. kind of like birks are stylish :P
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love car talk except saab, tiptronic and korean car talk

135 is butt ass ugly
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I just test drove an impreza last weekend and it had tiptronic paddles. Was fun to drive because it was reminiscent of a Ferrari biggrin.gif

But I think the shifters has a purpose besides being gimmicky. Doesn't it preserve the brakes since you can decelerate by shifting down?(instead of braking)

I don't know much about engines/transmissions redface.gif
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I mean, you can do that in any car by letting off the gas earlier.
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Haha I know but this slows it down much faster...and you feel it
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No, snow is right.


The trade-off is that you may put more wear on your torque converter or whatever you have, which is probably more expensive than brake pads.


Or on a manual it's the same argument with clutch vs. brake pads.


If you don't suck at driving, with a manual you can rev match your downshifts and that eliminates this problem. And on some very high-end cars, the new automatics will rev-match your downshifts for you, which does basically the same thing. So if you've got one of those going for you, then it's absolutely useful in slowing down.

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but still lacking that actual control you have with a manual. Sure, the machine might be able to rev match, but that's not going to be perfectly appropriate for every situation, and even if it were, you lack that actual feeling of control.
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