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Before leaving to break my fast at a brazilian steakhouse. Best idea ever. 

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Which one did you go to?
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Jacket looks unbelievable weird, specially the sleeves. Lose the undershirt and change the shoes.

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It strikes me as an oversized, orphaned suit jacket. Just lose the jacket entirely, as well as the undershirt as mentioned above, and this will look much better.
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I went to Texas De Brazil in Miami Moo. There used to be a Porcao down here but it closed years ago. 


Yeah, the undershirt looks pretty stupid. I'll start wearing deep V's under button downs if I have to. I'm taking the jacket to the tailor tomorrow. Im slimming and shortening the sleeves. Jacket's fit is probably too conservative for me to be wearing with jeans. 


Edit: Also, I see what you mean with the shoes. Im going to buy a good versatile pair of shoes this week. Thinking of going with MMM Gats. 

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snake, is that raf? to match the alien hoody? drool.gif
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Boring jeans fit.

And for better color...
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the ultimate jean biggrin.gif
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what kind of jeans are those?
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what wash is that?
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I believe they are the 1970s wash, as curated by our legacy
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Are they GAP 1969?
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I think they are more 70s era, not late 60s. The contrast stitching gives it away.
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I hope a good brand like Our Legacy or Levi's makes them at some point.
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