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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post

Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Leonardo Decaprio?


Nope, never. Although a few folk said I look more like this guy; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421082/

Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

Can I ask if the skinhead thing is intentional? I guess it doesn't matter really.
I quite like it. I think i'd prefer it if the shoes were different, maybe black not brown.
Just in case you didn't know, one of the most unappreciated threads on this forum has a few original skinheads who discuss some aspects of that style.

Yeah I am on the skinhead / mod look. Although I had to grow my hair out a bit as the look does not make a good first impression.


That thread is brilliant also, going to scour through the pages and add to the picture collection.

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Alas, got to go home...


Dolce&Gabbana (No Vis), Havaianas

I did find the Girl from Ipanema (semi -NSFW): Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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^ she was hot, I like snake pictures! More kush = more push :)

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Originally Posted by HorsesAreNeat View Post

Why is it awful? You are not being very constructive.


Sorry, came off super-douchy (well because I was, but I'm not usually like that shog[1].gif)
Why it looks weird imo:
- you can pair blue with blue, but not when they are that similar(and yeah I saw you were going for a suit, but still)
- the jeans are kinda big at first and then they taper like...a lot o.O
- ^in combination with really slim boots (really like those btw) I think the transition from big to slim to big again just looks wrong

also, I did not mean in any way you shouldn't post any more



Originally Posted by hideout View Post

i'm sure all of you guys giving him shit popped out of the womb wearing dick ovens and have never needed help at any point in your lives. get the fuck over yourselves.
well shit, people said my stuff looked awful when I first posted, and then you improve

Edited by kindofyoung - 8/12/12 at 6:55am
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Originally Posted by aeglus View Post

Actually had to suit up today.

If I was interesred in the Suit,I would like a better Fitting Jacket.The Trousers are a bit short-and why would you wear a Cardigan under the Jacket?

Just my Opinion.
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thisisblex, i think the colours all work well. cant really go wrong with white and grey smile.gif
if the tongue of the lanvins fit under the hem of your jeans then tucking them underneath would be fine. as long as they dont look like youve got work-horse hooves lol.
low tops in the same colourway would be good too.
i never really liked lanvin highs so i might be bias redface.gif
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Did somebody quote a fit that is on the first page and is over two year old?
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What an amazing idea

Post critiques of whatever fit you want without regard for pesky things like timeliness and relevance

Detach WAYWT from the idea of time itself

brb going to comment on the fit of some poor sap's Tiger Fleece
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lol tiger fleece!!
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Anybody have a link to the original SW&D WAYWT thread? I have some critiques that I want to make. Whodini, look out!
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Well, if you critique a recent Who fit, you're pretty much critiquing them all
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"sweet fades on those Nudies. purple hoodie could be a little longer"
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