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Regardless of your opinion on Belgian basics, 1234 is nailing the aesthetic, and looks good,

But perhaps he could you try tucking in his shirt? It might look a bit cleaner. Maybe some derbies instead of CP's too.

I think you might be able to fit in some Opening-ceremony-esque pieces. You're in LA yeah?

EDIT: Beat to the deby suggestion by conceptionist
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anyone that decides they can't pull off their 'goth shit' feel free to send to me.
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the straight hem on that schneider shirt looks terrible untucked.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

the straight hem on that schneider shirt looks terrible untucked.

Reminds me of Charlie Sheen in 2 and a half men.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

a Bauhaus-themed tiki party.

made me think of this
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Xhale#s dude:

You look like you have some really thick—though rather straight?—hair. If you ask me, you're in a pretty good place; you can do some good shit if you put the time and effort into it.

Synth recommended a brand called Bumble and Bumble a while ago. They actually have their own salons with their own trained stylists all throughout the US (I'm assuming you live in the US; if you don't, there are some international locations), and their stylists are, from my experience at just one of those salons in a Boston suburb, pretty damn knowledgeable.

If you're going the Schneider route, just bring in a photo of literally any of those models' haircuts; you can easily get away with some long, wispy looking thing. Or, if you want something else, then follow your desire. Or just go into a salon and say "make me look cool," or something equally naive while demonstrating that your heart is "in the right place." But take a look into their products at the very least. My own hair, which has for the longest time just been a dried-out mop of curls, looks and feels way better now. Maybe you'll have similar success.
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Originally Posted by sexonfabric View Post

Reminds me of Charlie Sheen in 2 and a half men.

absolutely nailed it. amazing.
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Going to take out the shoulder-pads(they're minimal, but still there)
I've also realized that to get good shorts, you don't buy shorts, you buy pants and cut 'em up laugh.gif

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Xhale, I always get the impression that you don't actually like anything you're wearing.

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considering the fact that he's been through 3 aesthetic phases since joining sf, how can he, in good faith claim that he truly likes any of it? I mean, we all buy clothes to cover up some dark hole in our personality, but dress for yourself man, not the approval of a bunch of internet nerds. use sf to give you guidance/feedback, not to hold your hand.
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His aesthetic schizophrenia is fine. At the very least, he's finding out what he doesn't like. (Also: finding "one aesthetic" and sticking to it, for however long, just doesn't appeal to all people.)

Going through a bunch of different styles as quickly as he has might not be particularly "good"; but he'll end up fine. He just needs to get a haircut, stop thinking about clothes for a while, and then reflect on what's contentedness-worthy and what's not. This'll sort itself out and shit—and I, perhaps in a motion you'd agree with mikey, would suggest that "taking a break" offers a nice repository for self-reflection, recollection, and renewed energy for another foray into aesthetic exploration.
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I'm all for experimenting and trying new things, but what 1234 is doing is not that. He's simply fishing for internet approval by buying popular stuff. He thought that goth ninja was "cool" so he bought a bunch of goth ninja stuff but when no one liked his fits he sold it all and bought stuff that was totally different. it's not like goth ninja never could have looked good on him. his body and face are fine and with a hair cut, better fitting pieces, and better styling could have looked fine in sam b and rick. it just feels like he's not even trying to make these different looks work.
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who cares? if he wants to spend hundreds of dollars to boost his self-esteem, so be it.
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I don't care I'm just trying to help him find contentedness faster and easier.
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