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Welcome to married life, StanleyVanBuried.
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snowmanxl great as always. probably my fav waywt poster.


gettoasty don't like shorts there. kva sneakers are cool.


5678 nice. very styleforum approved brands. hehe


Swiss nice fit but don't go all black route. no more stylezeitgeist gothic ninjas please.

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Is that whatever12345678's first full body shot? We usually get a shot of bland overpriced basics spread on his bed...
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post


 First xhale was banned... then 1234 was banned (right?)... Now 5678. 


xhale12345678, why do you keep getting banned?

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He's mixing you up with whatever123.

Like the cropped pants with gats. Cps are good on mellowfellow but he has that boyish charm about him. You seem more edgy (?)

Anyways, I think you look comfy in ss so good stuff bud!
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I don't understand where you motherfuckers live wearing layers of all black in the dead of summer it's gotta be dress up for 5 minutes.


Idk about you guys but I've been wearing jeans/shorts and a t-shirt every day which makes for pretty fucking boring fits, I'm inclined to let people dress up for the internet because otherwise this thread would be totally barren.

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Speaking of dressing up for the internets:

Sorry my biceps aren't as big. sly.gif

But really (Click to show)
AA / Ikks / Moma
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Regis, is that you?
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Yeah man, I lost 40 pounds and converted to Disaffected Judaism.
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one more 35mm shot



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Originally Posted by 5678 View Post

?? Almost all of my fit pics were full body shots. 
Ask the mods. No idea.

"Or some CPs if you have the cash. Or Svenssons for ultimate of-the-moment SF approval."

I actually have CP's. Never wear em really. 

CPs are better. This look is better than your goth phase.
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Yeah, that suits you better than goth-ish clothes.
I don't think the GATs look bad here. Can't really see why CPs would be better. A casual black derby with a light beige sole could look good, like those Rachel Comeys.
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I missed the memo on 'Svensson' - they're sad knockoffs of CPs, correct? I categorize 123456768 and many others on here who own lots of expensive Belgian basics to be 'fashion meatheads' - they look like they're dressing for a Bauhaus-themed tiki party.
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