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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Yeah I use the extra strength in the summer cause the humidity will take it out, and the regular in the fall/winter.

How does the stuff compare with American Crew Fiber Wax/d'ya think it'd be any good on Asian hair?
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is that what mario lopez has been using since saved by the bell? (3)
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Yesss can't wait to see Hagg with that good hair look
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

This fit seems to illustrate a reoccurring problem with cdhagg's fits in that he doesn't really commit fully to one look or another. FWIW, I think his slimmer, black fits looked better on him, but if he would rather do the americana/preppy vibe (which won't get much love here, but if he likes it I think he could pull it off well), then he needs to do it right instead of continuing the straddle the fence. either way, the hair needs fixing (and this is coming from me, lol).

I think I get what you're saying about "straddling the fence."  Any "straddling" isn't intentional, but probably the result of a not-sufficiently-formed sense of style.


Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

To elaborate on my last post, the CKC blazer is a bit too dark and stoic for the breezy casual vibes of the preppy look. It would suit much better something equally strict/austere/clean/whatever.

On the other hand, y'all know where my biases lean

Actually, the blazer is a completely unstructured jersey knit with some stretch, and ragged seams and pockets.  It is dark, though.

pics (Click to show)








Originally Posted by C DicksonWright View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I used to work at a hair salon, so I'll chime in my 2cents.

CDHagg, you seem to have thick, frizzy hair which is rare, but still found, in Caucasians. 

Pomades won't be of much help to you because they are petroleum- or lanolin-based, and only help to seal in moisture found naturally in hair.  Moisture is normally absent in frizzy hair.  In other words, it won't keep in what ain't there to start with.

What I'd recommend is that you consider a chemical relaxant.  I won't endorse a single brand, but make sure it is a beta-mercapto-ethanol (BME) based product.   BME will remove the frizziness and help your hair strands to absorb moisture, which you can then seal in with your pomade or gel of choice.  Do not use a BME-based product more than once a week.  Also, before you begin any regimen, test a small sample on a small patch on your hair to make sure you are not allergic.



 Thanks for the info - I'll look into this stuff.


Actual pics of my hair (Click to show)






This is finger-combed.  I can make it look different if I use an actual comb. 



Thanks for all the comments everybody. smile.gif

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i think you would benefit from cleaned up sideburns and just and overall shorter haircut.
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90s called, they want their hair back
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Basic shit.
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Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

SS12 Yang Li MA-1 bomber jacket (54% viscose, 30% virgin fleece wool, 12% wool mohair 4% elastan)
SS05 YYPH T-shirt (HY-T11-073) 100% cotton
AW04 YYPH pants (HJ-P37-014) 100% cotton
SS11 Ann Demeulemeester creepers.
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Thread Starter 
Picking up some mmm and damir this weekend, should totally go together.
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LOL @ margiela hot plate
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

LOL @ margiela hot plate

I get all my housewares from MMM

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lifestyle pics from last Sunday





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Grats dude!

You do know that Epaulet has to provide all the clothes for the wedding though. There's just no other option.
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Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post


Brother Mi... U don finish us... Kai...  see as you dey opress us with that jacket...


and on top u just kak color and khaki come show us that no be only black u fit sabi.


make I shake your hand.

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