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Actually in Philly for the summer, which is arguably a worse place to be with the humidity. Was cool today though because it rained so I threw the jacket on
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KVAs look bad, you need to beat them up a bit
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Pretty solid
I would have liked to see some socks though
Cannot believe you are wearing that in the IE especially during summer time

Wah? He'd have to wear socks normally worn by NFL running backs in order to have any sock showing while wearing those KVA high tops.
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Actually Costco has some good length socks (but are pretty thick) in black and white. I prefer the black and usually wear it to the gym/bball. On rare occasions I do end up slipping into my black KVA and long socks with basketball shorts. Actually looks fine with a tee.

I have seen the hi-top/boot with socks and shorts look in photo shoots etc. and think it looks rad.
In this case the contrast would be cool too in istasi outfit.

And second look at the outfit I think I would have preferred some lo-top sneakers.
My untrained eye is still all over the place; istasi has been wearing stuff I want to experiment further with so that is a bit of a cool factor.

I actually ordered my first pair of non-sport/exercise shorts albeit it is from Nike Sportswear line. Will post fit later when they arrive from Yoox.
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Not sure where this sock discussion is originating, but I don't see why you'd want to wear socks with that look (i.e., socks that show). Great look overall. Jacket looks cool.
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iOS +1 for istasi pic, stick with non visible socks.

I like prurients pics but cannot articulate why
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Clarks DB
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imo that needs white gym socks and white af1 mids
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Good to see you back, MoK.
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Another Sunday, another BBQ with artishard


Me - rick:rick:DA
artishard - geller:geller:mmm

Lifestyle Photos
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Vacuum sealed marinated flank steak (8 bags)


Fresh corn


Bartender working his magic for everyone

Making some fresh Salsa Verde


Now Im hungover and having a dirtbag monday.

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drinks and food look good.
like that geller shirt art!
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8.2 million views. Jesus
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

8.2 million views. Jesus

There are lots of lurkers. I mean, most of my time is spent reading...my posting is pretty sparse. Some people don't bother posting at all - whether they are new and trying to learn or know their stuff but just aren't interested in 'contributing.'
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Maison Martin Margiela SS 2012 (4)
Maison Martin Margiela SS08 (1)
Luis Morais Bracelet
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More I see MMM boots in that POV, the more flat fooedt and shapeless the profile is to me, which is twofold: I don't get the hype and I am glad I never jumped on the bandwagon

Albeit Regis foot is probably huge and the boot probably looks better on normal size feet
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