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Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post

I don't really like this for a number of reasons. First of all, while I can appreciate a jacket with a loud pattern, that jacket is far too short for you. The hem on the pants is much too short and I think they are tapered too much. Given the jacket and pants I would have paired them with some brown/dark tan shoes not black (or burgundy if they're burgundy). Matching a tie with that jacket would be hard, but I would probably go with some sort of solid knit or grenadine.
You should also consider growing out your hair on top. The whole buzz your entire head with #3 isn't doing you any favors.

Thanks for the feedback. I went with black shoes instead of brown/tan because I thought the outfit was loud enough as it was. I could never get into knit ties, but maybe it's time to look into that option.


As for the jacket/pants length and taper, I'd expect to hear that criticism in MC but thought SW&D would be more forgiving. The pants do look more tapered in that photo than they actually are, but I'm a young guy and have already gotten a couple grandpa jokes from my friends because of the jacket, so anything longer or more conservative doesn't really interest me.

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Originally Posted by thomaspaine View Post

First WAYWT post. This look might be a little too MC, but I never get a chance to dress up.


Ok, let's see:

-Jacket looks like a TB reject
-tie clashes terribly, way too much going on
-pants are actually too tapered/cropped for this look, make your upper block look huge in comparison
-shoes are too formal
-sunglasses aren't great, at least not with the fit
-Let your hair grow, style it differently

And welcome!
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Originally Posted by jaac View Post

scuse housemates socks

What's the coat mate?

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Detail shots at Haralooks.

Cardigan, Shirt, Pants, Wallet Chain: Kiryuyrik
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
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I want to like it but the goofy pose is so distracting confused.gif
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synth step did not go as planned

also wanted to try to communicate the movement of the pants a bit ... c'est la vie
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How long does it take you to put on those AnnD?

And do you lace the shaft each time?

Looks good
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When I first got them it took for-fucking-ever, but now it takes less than a minute each way. I don't remove the laces from the eyelets, the way they are designed makes it very fast to loosen and tighten them enough. I wouldn't turn down a zip, though.
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Once tied I cannot even get my foot into the actual shoe, even when I loosen it up.

That I have not properly broke them in so we will see how that goes. I really like them fwiw

I was thinking about adding a back-zip. There is a leather strip on the back of the shaft that I think is possible to split and add a zipper onto the leather (no the suede/nubuck part)

That would be a dream,,,
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You need to pull the laces open all the way down through the speed hooks and then pull the sides apart. Once on, pull the laces as tightly as possible and then spread them as needed. Should I make a video? haha
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i like the fit, but isn't it hot in that cardigan?
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It was a bit warm, but the hood was good for keeping the sun from my face. I spent most of the day in an air conditioned place anyway.
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Yes a video would be cool
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Shirt is 100% linen, Patrik Ervell
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Please don't
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