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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post



SvB x Conan collab

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trying out new camera

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Roden Gray carried that jacket last summer and I wasn't a fan but I think you pulled it off.
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I bought it off Roden Gray. hahaha. It's really not that hard. Someone else posted a picture with it and it looked good. I wish I got one size bigger though.

I think it looks better open

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Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

X-post from Yohji thread.

I think this would look better with the shirt untucked or with pants that don't go up as high. Awesome though. 

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Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

X-post from Yohji thread.

Ivwri, cool fit but I can't help imagining some kind of big sash going right across the waist of trousers- might not work with the stripes on the T though

my bathroom pics now: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

h&m floral
cp combat shit

and found a jacket like hoozahs ( not rlly - less cool and probably feels like shit in comparison) while passing by a john varvatos sample sale somewhere. got a pic for lulz later

vanishing elephant t with yarn knitted into the seam of the shirt - also has chest pocket
LVC 505 ( these get more and more awesome but the honeycombs are a bit off because the pair that they're based off of was apparently was a tall skinny blkgjab )
vanishing elephant
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Vanishing Elephant are pretty comfortable on foot with the bit of cushion in the insole.

But I can't help but feel like they are going to fall apart.

GILT also sent me a pair I THINK with some sticky gum/wax on the sole uhoh.gif
Not going to go through the hassle of returning as I'll break it in and the sole should be fine, but gross

Fits look good Milano minus the angle. I miss denim ...
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Thanks toast!

They are super comfortable and will last a while if you sized your normal size. For some reason my left foot is bigger than my right and the left shoe (which was tight at first) ripped a bit in the sole (sole's glued not stitched) . Leather on the shoes suck too but the profile, which I care about most regarding shoes these days (amidoingitwrong?), is really nice and slim. They're pretty nice beaters though and I love not having to care to about taking care of the shoes shog[1].gif

Also just find one pair of denims that you love and wear the shit out of it when you're feeling lazy satisfied.gif
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Yes I picked up the black suede pair from GILT

It is nice because it is pretty light footwear, shoe can be resoled both upper and lower (replace rubber insole?), and overall shape is pleasing.
FWIW people were right about sizing TTS.

Like you I just picked them up to beat around in.

Some quick photos:


I also swapped out the default laces. They are horrible and thick for a shoe like this

I'm going to just work bottom up. Happy with shoes overall, next are pants & denim then onto knits and outerwear. I'm doing it wrong I think

FYI, those AnnD boots are a pain to get my foot in. I just don't even bother with the lacing of the shaft anymore. I also realized last night that the entire boot inside is lined in a smooth leather, which is nice. So, it is not such suede on suede.
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sweet jesus so many shoes inlove.gif where are shades of brown though?
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Originally Posted by Working Stiff View Post


Stanley van Beard
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^My last pair will be some brown suede Jodhpurs .. already thought about it and I'm pretty set on it.

I think Lobb makes a few pairs I think

This last pair will require some more fact finding

bows1 had a nice pair on in a WAYWT


but in suede

These were also pretty nice and sold for a great price...
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random alpaca scarf from Argentina
Simon Spurr blazer
my douchiest black u-neck tee
Simon Spurr deep purple cords
Vass navy 3 eyelet bluchers
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