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Gettoasty - I fear you will not survive Napa. Find some shorts to wear with that tank quick!
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Yeah, had a similar thought as aether but didnt want to seem like a dick cause half the time I dont know what im talking about. I think Toasty looks much better in a cardi. As for the stiff fashion thing, I kinda of feel that is because of yout hair and the fact that the trabsition for your stuff before to your non biz caz stuff was kinda sudden.

Anyway, I think you need more color( deep blues + black, burgandy, forest grren [?], more thick luxurious cardis, cool javkets that kind of fit the traditional shapes (?) but with enough detail to distinguish itself from tThhe ordinary MC stuff. Anyway its cool yo see you experiment with diff types of clothes though

shit typing this from my android cause i dont think i got the memo at my new internship LOL , stuck outside the studio with nothing to do frown.gif hope my shit makes snse, I cant really check.

and snow, that is pretty cool inlove.gif
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...the fuck?

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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

snowman made a new friend yesterday, her boyfriend lives within walking distance of LN-CC icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
i dont know if yall remeber the story i told last year...met this asian girl with a celine bag (not very likely where i live so it was awesome to see)
anyways i saw her again yesterday and she commented on my ann d sandals, then i noticed the celine bag and knew it was her. was like, fate, man (jeff bridges voice) laugh.gif

fashunz bringing people together inlove.gif
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Toasty should sell his mesh tank to me.

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I just re read what I wrote and it sounded pretty bad of me hehe!
I'm definitely not using her. We're going to grab a coffee next week and chat about ss13.

It's great to make connections whenever you can. Since she travels between here, London and USA it'll be good to get her perspective on stuff. She's writing something on the Olympics so I'll have an inside scoop. Again, not using here!
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

i actually liked the cardigan shots better.
i think the cockbib needs a drawpcrawtch. or atleast pants with a long rise, sagged.
i need to be able to see the topblock of pants for some reason redface.gif

The bastard ninja-edited me! That was the one I liked best too
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last couple days....


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Christ, boy. Shave that beard. You'd be a totally normal looking guy without it.
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X-post from Yohji thread.
Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

What I wore today -
YYPH SS12 stand collar jacket
Alexander McQueen striped Tee
YYPH SS00 trousers
Y's boots
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dope stuff ivwri. i see parker influenced you to get a striped tee biggrin.gif
Maybe I should break out the ol' saint james tee i have.
Edited by snowmanxl - 7/6/12 at 4:40pm
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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post



SvB x Conan collab

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