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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

How can you lift weights without doing Olympic lifts? That's like calling the fat girl who stretches for 20 minutes and does the elliptical while reading Cosmo for 10 minutes a distance runner.

I clean brah and I don't think I've deadlifted this year, but I can still probably pull low to mid 400s. Oly lifts don't make the aesthetics.
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How long did it take you to transition to cleans?

I think that is my inevitable future lift when I man up.

BTW someone should make a fuji meme similar to that one dudes death stare
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It's not that I stopped deadlifting to start cleaning, wasn't really a transition. Just quit doing deads one day then started doing cleans a while later. Don't really do it regularly, just once in a while when I feel like it. Don't think theres much point in it if you only want to get bigger.
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do you still lift often fuji?
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Originally Posted by saludoalostros View Post

Does your father go around dressed like that on an everyday basis? 

He must work as a tourist guide.

Just curious, just born there or lives there still?  If he's older generation,he must be a German speaker.

Although he was born there, he neither dresses in that fashion nor speaks German- only Italian.
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no parking on the dance floor
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WTH, let's see where this goes.

Details: (Click to show)
Black with white feather T-shirt - Cotton-On
Green cargo shorts - Nom De Guerre
White leather Purcells
Brown leather watch - Fossil (gulp)
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really interesting that you'd take that feather tee, a piece that's "romantic" in an Ann D sort of sense, and pair it with rugged looking cargo shorts. Not sure yet if I dig the (here's that word again) juxtaposition, but you get uniqueness points
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Stanley, what are you wearing in that photo? Me likey
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What the fuck

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recommence faux artistic/ lifestyle pics!!!
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does anyone else see intense parallels between 123abc123 and xhale1234?
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