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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

I'm really not understanding the hate for the sq4you fit. That shit looks dope as hell in my opinion.

Looks fine except for the CPs. I feel like the midget effect is really accented by the ridiculously tall high-tops, but I'm not sure if i find it weird because that's all you ever seen worn with something like that or it actually looks bad.
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- 1 for common misuse of cf. /whodini
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I think the biggest problem with sq's fit is that there's no chambray.
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You know what the midget effect comes from? It's not from the fit itself. Here's my theory

It's from the overhang behind him. His head comes so close to the horizontal line that it creates a sense of constraint, the appearance that he can't grow beyond the boundary set for him.

Someone who cares more than I do should open up Photoshop and remove the overhang. See if that helps

Oh, and a lower angle would do wonders too. I'm out
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Or...maybe he's just short.
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Uniqlo slim fit linen blazer

Blue tshirt

Railcar x002


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i dont get all this "x makes you look short" business, has anyone ever met anyone in real life that was normal height but looked short because their shirt was long or they tucked their jeans into their boots/sneakers? I think fit pictures on the internet (especially when theres nothing to add scale to the picture) make an issue out of something that dont really matter that much in real life.
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Originally Posted by sq4you View Post

Lanvin Python Tee
Rick Owens Naska Pod Shorts
Maison Martin Margiela Painted GATs

ok lol i know i already commented, but this fit is proof god doesn't exist
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drop crotches like that always shorten your appearance. you're basically cutting off the sense of length created by legs. I actually like a slight drop crotch when it basically looks like the pants have a high-rise but are worn low on the hips, but those extreme drop crotches look awful to me.
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IMG_0937 copy.jpg

Here you are, Bam!
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dior homme
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Looks cool; are the pants as wide-legged as the first pic makes them seem or is that just because you have your hands in your pockets?
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hands-in-pocket effect.
i dont mind wide shorts but wide pants is still not my thing (atleast without an aggressive taper theyre not)
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snow, that looks great. cropped pant, cropped sleeves, tucked shirt all in nice balance fing02[1].gif . watch is a cool choice too.
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thanks pick! i had on a button down first but decided on a tee for the heat
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