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I like that snake hat but I just know he's wearing some black trousers and black F+B boots and I desperately want it to be long silk shorts and sandals or something like that, or those paisley ann trousers in peach. Awesome photo. I couldn't wear a sweater once it hit 75, though.
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It was pretty hot here today (for the NW anyways) so I tried to make it work. I actually did wear sandals with that fit, and yes,with black trousers of course! They're a staple for me so I have quite a few pairs, all in different cuts and fabrics. Though I do sometimes think to myself do I really need so many fucking black pants?
Yes, yes I do. shog[1].gif

snake ftw, got it guys happy.gif

guy burgess- were you the one that purchased the attachment coat from me? It looks great man.
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snake - yep i did. Thanks for selling it! ha.

Oh and is your hat navy? I tried it on in a shop the other day and they have it in the tan too but the navy looks way better. It's quite tall which took some getting used to!
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Yeah it's a dark navy. I definitely prefer it to the tan one as well. I've found the moldable brim to be a useful feature!
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Originally Posted by Bartender View Post

so saludo is definitely miran right?

saludo is miran3/miran 2, miran is tween, tween is also shah

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Some fucking nice fits on this page.
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snake that fit is awesome. I second synth's idea that it would have been even better with some really nice flowy shorts underneath paired with sandals. I think jogu over on SZ did something similar a while back that looked great.

Wedding fit -

Side shot (Click to show)

Details - (Click to show)
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Making the summer's first trip to the beach with some friends today—think I might give these guys a baptismal dip in the holy waters of Ipswich, MA. wow.gif
Warning: big photo (Click to show)
1120 Stuff (Click to show)
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my jeans came out a bit lighter than expected but i still dig it

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Are these the same jeans?


Cause if so... damn—those faded a lot.
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UU + Visvim

@Anyone else with the UU chino cropped pants -- what do you do about the extremely high rise? I've been wearing them hiked up real high sometimes, or like drop-crotch pants, but neither feels totally natural frown.gif
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dope stuff on the last few pages.
loved GB's fit (is that your store that you linked)

snake, that shot could have easily passed for a fashion editorial icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

reminds me of dior homme "The Wanderer" mixed with siki im
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I'm a man of a limited colour palette... shog[1].gif  (actually I'm on a lengthy business trip all over the people's republic and am limited to half of a samsonite)









how do these persol 649s suit my face? did I pick the right size?






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a lot of fits are not loading for me :/ including snake's and I really want to see snakes

seem to be all hosted by imgur, is anyone else having this problem? I tried to copy url, etc.
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