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his blazer is also a lot more relaxed with softer shoulders and lines generally. it looks good with something dressed down like jeans. that said, I think yours would probably look fine if you didn't put the collar up. also, a longer tee would help.
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Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post

I'm actually happy with my dior jeans and blazer.  The only real difference I see between my fit and Fumma's is that his blazer is navy and mine is black, and his tee is longer.  I honestly just don't get why Fumma's fit is awesome and mine is a failure (no hate Fumma - you're one of my favorite posters).  Not trying to be stuck up or anything, but I just don't see a huge difference... maybe someone could explain?  Honest curiosity here - I can't fix something that I can't see...




That's the best iteration of your recent fits, but your pose and collar say "Trying hard for some interwebs love". I'd shoot for a longer/drapier tee and shoes on a slimmer last. The casual blazer look is not the easiest to pull off with a dressier jacket


Also, the toe on Fuuma's boots is simply stunning

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The WAYWT thread more about content than actual "improvement". I'm not saying that improvement doesn't happen--the crowdsourced style evolution of someone willing to learn like candrew or mikey can also be considered "valuable content". A forum is considered "social media"--emphasis on media.

People aren't really posting to critique, but rather to participate in this crowd-sourced "effort" as it were. That's what makes people stay here--if they want nice pictures of well dressed people they can go to tumblr or something.

It's not (solely) about qualify of fits, but more about whether people find it interesting. Of course, better fits are going to be better content, but there's a lot more to it than that. A higher quality and more interesting picture from a well liked regular is going to be well received than the same outfit from a fairly maligned poster. That's just how social media works. Not to mention that there are some pretty key differences between yours and Fuuma's fits, which other posters have pointed out.

You probably look fine IRL. Don't take SF-critique so seriously..

If you want to be less maligned, consider your submissions to this forum from a "what content posters will find valuable" perspective, rather than a "does this look ok?" perspective. A scattershot of a million variations of a few fits is just going to be annoying, as is a defensive response to critique.
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The fact that you analyzed those two fits at such a bird's eye level says a lot. As if the material of the jacket, the cut of the jacket, and details on the footwear don't all make a noticeable difference. Not to mention the PS, jewelry and Fuuma's level of comfort in his stuff. The "I don't know what to do with my arms right now" pose, popped lapel and lack of a face do make a difference too but there's plenty of other things to differentiate the two fits.
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Am I the only one who thinks CDHagg's fit would be fine if the collar wasn't popped?  It's less that people like fuuma's fit more and more that you posted that one, spoilered, among like 5 other fits.

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in that same vein, i think some of my fits get less hate than they "should" because my earlier fits were so bad.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Am I the only one who thinks CDHagg's fit would be fine if the collar wasn't popped?

Nobody criticized the blazer at all that I can see, everybody just hated on the fake Dior leather jacket, and rightly so.
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maybe it's the disbelief, posting the same thing over and over again, "see it's just as good as his!!!"

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Originally Posted by tween_spirit View Post

all that talk of the conceptual forest in RFT reminded me that I ran into a few cool people yesterday on my way back from it
sandro hat
visvim serape
junya jacket
james perse
oliver peoples mp-2
florsheim x duckie brown
novis: beautiful fjallraven kanken bag wink.gif
thanks to bows1 for the sick shot
(if the person in this photo wants me to take it down let me know and I will)

Best fit in a while, even more so than Asobu's (which I also loved).

Everyone be honest, Fuuma's fit is loved because he's Fuuma. Hagg's fit is hated because he's Hagg.
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The past few posts gave me a great idea for our next SF meetup

Everyone comes to the bar dressed in black jeans, black boots, black blazer, and of course a white v neck


We'll take group pictures. We'll freak out everyone in the room who isn't us. It will be glorious.
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Shame there are so few UK meetups.

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This was my first and it was p damn fun. There is a great photo of all of us but I don't know who wants their face in there and who doesn't so...
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The baltimore sf/sufu meet ups are small as hell (3-4 of us), but they're fun as hell and we've all become good friends.
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I'd be down for a NW meet up anywhere between Portland and Seattle.
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Will be in Portland this weekend actually. PNW peeps hit me up.
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