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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post
i have been considering just going terribly short all around. Sort of like 1234 but a bit longer on top so I can style it.

Wait what? Didn't we just have a whole page devoted to how terrible my hair looked? 

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its not the hair, its the hair + your facial structure + body proportions
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Originally Posted by FOP View Post

Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post

The new guy who posted the bit about linen is, unfortunately, completely wrong. I have personal experience that says so, AND a source! teacha.gif

Guy, I was defending your fit/opinion. Also, Linen is nice. IMO linen is "cool" but I prefer, based on my own personal ANECDOTES, cotton. I personally prefer cotton over linen. Enjoy your linen.... I rarely wear mine.


Sorry for the miscommunication - I wasn't talking about you when I said "new guy", I was talking about saludoalostros.  Sorry, I was just too lazy to look up his username.

Pax, bro. cheers.gif

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(First two) pics look good, gettoasty. Belly button height?
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kgfan, What kind of shirt is that u-neck?
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Cross-post from YY thread.

Slightly better lighting (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by saludoalostros View Post

Linen actually absorbs and retains body heat.  That's why bedsheets were made of linen and called "bed linens".  When people slept, they become cold of course, and the linen sheets retained heat and kept them warm.
Also in the summer skin-tight garments are better than looser ones.  With skin-tight garments, perspiration is directly transferred onto the fabric and insta-evaporated into the air.  With looser garments, you'll be sweating buckets and the clothes will act like a towel dabbing the sweat, and will get wet.

You may want to have a seat while this becomes a meme.
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GT needs tattoos and a cig
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My question - is the jacket noticeably too tight?

Picked it up on sale for cheap...
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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post

I rock that hairstyle. 1 on the sides and all around...sometimes I tell the barber to give me more of a "v" shape fade instead of all around round looking. But it don't matter. The top I leave like 3 inches long. I can leave it messy or do a faux hawk.

The faux hawk went out with those vagina hoodies by bson.
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Originally Posted by tween_spirit View Post

regular contributor
not a cell phone mirror shot
wearing a piece that is sort of out there but with other familiar clothes, in a way that doesn't make the viewer feel uncomfortable
relief about said piece after being unsure about it
asserting to the community that you 'get' it
handsome as shit
for real though, I think the biggest one is that 'relief' that it's not all that bad, when people most likely had doubts about big baggy khaki shorts (although they're so much more than that). you'll notice a few people even commented on how it's better than they first thought it would be.

I'll also add that it's nice to see something inventive, and that earns thumbs as well. As cool as it is to see jeans (hell, we can broaden that to say slim-fitting trousers of any kind) with GATs or boots and a nice knit, even if everything fits perfectly and works together, it's something people on here have seen thousands of times already. Fatigue sets in, and then when you see something unusual, it feels like relief (assuming it works).
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My first WAYWT... think I'll be picking up some more OL shirts - I'm really liking this one.


SG103258 2.jpg

Warning: Spoiler! Details (Click to show)





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