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after reading all this dumbness I think I hate suits now
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Black Scale
Rick Owens
Password is art gallery
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The suit overall look OK, better than 90% of the suit you can find on street. I cannot tell how good the fabric is.
2000 is way over-price. You can get BB and do alteration. Won't look worse.

I think the 2000 price and bespoke is what ppl arguing.
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We have a Lexus. Shit is baller.
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I just can´t believe that suit cost 2k. I keep thinking in terms of pesos, my country´s currency, and if I paid 9000 pesos for a suit that looked like that, I´d probably go berserk on the fucking tailor.

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

this thread could use more sweatpants and high-tops.

i got chu bruh bruh

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

This is horrible
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Girl to the right has promise though.
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^Just yest I'm saying how that's the most quoted pic on SF. Geez, it never ends.
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I mean look at it, it never gets old...
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2k is like 4 pairs of good baller shoes. you do know that right?
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Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post

^haha well no, I wasn't claiming that I received a standing applause; but in general, the MC response was that "the suit isn't bad".  Contrast that to the average SW&D response, that the suit is "pretty terrible."


1 MC poster gave a detailed critique, 1 MC poster said it "sure as hell doesn't look bespoke", and 7 MC posters said it looked pretty good.


Look, guys, I don't really care that much.  I wasn't even asking for critiques in the first place.  This whole conversation is stupid.  Sorry, I should never have posted those pictures.  confused.gif

I think the point is paying 2k for a bespoke suit that "isn't that bad" is idk.

There is no rule in music that you "must wear black," except possibly when performing with an orchestra, in which case a tux is more than appropriate. So hopefully you will be attending a lot of funerals

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this discussion is pointless and talking about the price/value is boring.

tempted to post a fit
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tempted to post a fit

Go muave/lentil or go home!
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