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What is it do sons and playboys?
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Originally Posted by Master Milano View Post

lol stop feeding the troll.
Great discussion regarding suit fits and such. Thanks for the response regardingly sleeve pitch, gdl + impolyt. It's interesting how once something is pointed out, you can never unsee it. For example the lines of the raf jacket went way over my head the first time and despite me knowing that it's a beautiful piece, I didn't quite know why. At shah, I initially thought that you would be interested in the minutiae of a traditional suit fit because of that saying that goes somewhat along the lines of, "it is necessary to learn the rules before you break it." I think it helps leads to a greater ability to appreciate what yohji/ other avant garde designers do.
Anyway, here's my (boring - neither MC nor avantgarde haha) contribution:
467 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
can't stop wearing these. the laces look like they're made of straw shog[1].gif and is it just me or do converse collabs have much better shape (more substantial + thicker soles) ?

I like this, very summery. I like the print of the converse. Is that this season?, I wanna get one.
One nitpick is the too matchy-matchy of the pants and jacket. I would wear grey jeans or light colored khakis instead
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I can't possibly take that critique seriously; there is no mention of penis...
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coz there is no hint of penis hehe, you know us asians
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What jacket is that Milano?
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With all recent suit talk...

Just bout my first "real suit" didn't have time to do alterations, so wore it as is. I understand this is a horrible picture, i'll get some better ones soon. Any critiques?

* I fixed the tie, realized I made it too short.
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Hurley finally lost weight!
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Did your photographer previously work on The Blair Witch Project?

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He's the off the boat African security guard in my close enough I goess.
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Originally Posted by LiveStock View Post

hey buddy let me give you some advice on dressing/aesthetics in general. you're short, pretty close to legally midget status. working out makes your body look more disproportional and make you seem like you have a complex. oh and it looks horrible. your midget legs are already saddening to look at, wearing capris make them look even worse.
tldr; genetics screwed you over but dont make it worse

tbh you seem really bitter in all your comments, cheer up your life can't be that horrible... can it?
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

You seem really bitter man, cheer up your life can't be that horrible... can it?
His life is probably really hard, actually.

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never laughed so hard on styleforum, thanks teger and moo lmao
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Fuck, that was depressing. Why would you post that? frown.gif
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Near the end of the vid, one of the cows gets used to make a pair of Guidis. It's pretty interesting-- lots of handiwork involved
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