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Lately I've been embracing a style I would call "lazy Caucasian". teacha.gif


I cut the neck out of an All Saints t-shirt with a seam ripper. It's still a little ripply, but I'm hoping it'll even out after a wash or two. I might end up cutting some more stuff off the back if it doesn't settle down.

Shoes are the oh-so-controversial F+B Slim Jims (thanks to ToG for the hook-up). I'd put them easily on par with my CP officer boots and chelseas. They're not as nice as my Julius back-zips (with crazy reverse calf leather) or MMM side-zips (with burnished leather), but they're definitely serviceable shoes. My only complaint is that the leather part of the insole is a little loose, but I need to add an arch support to most shoes anyway, so it's kind of moot. The instep is also a little snug, but I had them stretched by a cobbler, which (mostly) fixed the issue.

Jeans are W+H straight fit raws from last season (MIUSA with Cone "1967" denim). I wouldn't mind a higher rise or a snugger waist, but I really, really like these jeans.
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

I've come to re-imbrace black after going thru sw&d de-programming. Looks sharp, nicely. a white shirt would also look good and score you extra minimalist points.

I do not understand the MC black suit hate. When I used to sell RLBL suits grey, charcoal or navy ones would sell within minutes for $600-700, black it would take weeks and they'd go for maybe $300.
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The talk on SF lately has inspired me to try cutting off the necks from some of my tees. Haven't done it yet. Will start out with some shirt I don't use too much, which I won't care for if it goes wrong. I dig the vibe the cut-out neck gives. Anything special I need to know?
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Bonus pic (Click to show)
Burberry Prorsum
Ben Sherman
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I propose that all fit suggestions/criticisms NOT be made in the "thumbs up" section. (Except for TC Walter, he can do whatever he wants.)
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need detail shots on those elbows ASAP!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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that coat
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snake pic deserves better lighting so we can see details. I'm not sure if this is the type of look where one would employ the boot-tuck, but I'm glad he didn't because the pant legs fall really well over the boots.

slightly lighter pic (Click to show)

re: thumbsups: i don't mind some commentary in the thumbs up field, but only if it's succint. exception for tcwalter, of course. critical analysis is more helpful out in the open, esp for ipad/mobile users.
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I like it alot snake but the t-shirt looks out of place. 

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Appreciate the feedback. The Ann tee is actually a tank. smile.gif

I'll post some detail shots for ya snow when I get home later tonight.
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I got a new camera that I obviously don't know how to use, so camera illuminati, please bear with me (wtf is that weird sheen on my tummy? frown.gif )

Anyway, I am wearing a rick tee, and now I see why people buy them. It is the most comfortable shirt I have ever put on my filthy body.


Raf jacker
Aforementioned All Saints double-layer
Rick single layer
Rick swinger
Augusta linen

Jacket certainly isn't perfect, but it's the closest I've got
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seriously thought you were a midget from the first pic

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eh, not my favorite of yours, Synth. proportions make you look very short and boxy
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