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Originally Posted by knucks View Post

Yes the problem is I do not live near anywhere with a large selection...
Any stores in Chicago that have a big selection of denim? I'll be there in june

I don't know how good varied denim selections are, but I know that there are a few places that sell some good stuff. First, there are two Haberdasher locations. They have some decent denim in there, but I can't speak for the variety of fits. Additionally, there is Penelope's; however, I think they carry exclusively APC, Cheap Monday, Crate, and maybe some other stuff; I'm guessing you've tried some of that stuff on already? You can try Akira's, but I doubt they have as good of a selection. Lastly, there's always Barney's, Saks, and probably a slew of other boutiques where you can find good denim. The only problem, as you seem to be aware, is that it's questionable how large of a selection they have, i.e., if these places will have the fit that you're looking for. Hope it works out man. satisfied.gif
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Look, I wasn't asking rhetorical questions, I was honestly asking questions hoping that people would answer them and continue the discussion.
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Originally Posted by derrida26 View Post

actually I thought about this before posting. obviously skin color can play into the way you dress, same way that weight, hair color, etc. also does. but I'm pretty sure if he was white would feel the same way. 

but keep raising shit, lol

EDIT: I also agree, I like the second fit a lot, except for the loafers

I don't think there was anything racially motivated in your post. But I think that Brad t was really trying to point out what he (and I of course) see as lazy categorization. With that said, this is my attempt to defend myself.


If you look closely at my style and Kissi's there are so many things that I just would never do that he does. I like it... but won't try to execute them the way he does.


- for one his pants are rolled too high for my tastes

- like pickpackpockpuck stated, he rolls the sleeves on his jacket... something I would never ever attempt... like ever

- I am alot more ocd with my dressing than it seems (having dimples in my tie at all times: something that I don't think Kissi really cares for based on certain pics). He seems to be alot more carefree with look

- Kissi's color palette is more rustic than mine. I basically live on that Rainbow Bridge that resides in Asgard.

- Plus who else u know that wears his pants as high as I do ? lol8[1].gif



you are entitled to your opinion though.



so what I'm trying to say is that




I blame Jet

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

I just don't see the resemblance to the Street Etiquette style other than being a slim, handsome black guy. Seems very casual and not at all dandy. Anyway I'm not trying to accuse you of racism, my comment was probably too aggressive sounding.

he looks pretty similar to street etiquette to me. a lot of men's suiting in colors other than just navy and grey, tasseled loafers, etc
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He is probably the SWD poster that is the closest to the SE aesthetic - he's not an exact copy of jkissi of course but the overall style and use of accessories (bead bracelets.. ffffuuuu.gif), colors, fit, etc... is generally within the same spirit (no racist)
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Bead bracelets are so useful omg

One time I took a hike a few miles outside the city. I was alone, and after a few hours of trekking I realized I had no idea where I was.

But instead of panicking I took my bead bracelets (I had 5 of them, as was the style at the time) and started dropping the beads on the trail behind me.

Thirty minutes later the rangers found me. Without that colorful trail I left behind, they said, I would have been lost forever.

Take note menswear haters.
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I think what everyone is trying to say, some more tactfully than others, is that there is an overall style movement that I believe is known as "black dandy".

This covers a large spectrum, like any other movement, and SE falls under this umbrella, as does Tirailleur1, whose style I prefer as it's still clever and creative without being so affected.

And since different style scenes tend to spring up among groups of friends and communities, race is one bond that may turn up on occasion. It's nothing to be shy about, but I will say that some people should think twice before posting.
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Bah who cares if it's like the SE guys? yeah they're over the top and affected but they pull it off.
Originally Posted by knucks View Post

Aight bros, any suggestions on jeans for me? Big thighs here, we're talking 27" with a 34" waist. I hate when the leg opening is bigger than say 8.5 or 8.75, swallows up the shoe and looks poopoo.
Need a site with free shipping/free returns, ideally...wish Revolve stocked LVC ..

just don't wear jeans bro you're not missing out on much.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

Bah who cares if it's like the SE guys? yeah they're over the top and affected but they pull it off.
just don't wear jeans bro you're not missing out on much.
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todays slovenly fit, awkward pose ftw
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Not really a WAYW, and not really a lifestyle pic (thought about it, then aborted that mission), but I thought you guys would enjoy knowing that even GQ France has people do the same, stupid "jump" shot in their photoshoots:


Also: fucking delicious ice cream.

Edit: I forgot to mention another hilarious fact: the GQ France team, in a brief writeup about boots and shit, basically said that side-zip boots weren't cool. Something to the effect of: "le confort s'efface devant le style." In other words: side-zip boots are like Uggs; sacrifice your comfort for "real man" shoes. According to them, boots with laces are waaay cooler than boots without. cry.gif
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^gelato right? so good.
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Originally Posted by aether View Post

todays slovenly fit, awkward pose ftw Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

confirmed that you ruined those butteros by chopping the heel. Replace heel ASAP.

The taper and delicate silhouette that you favour below the knee...I know it' your taste, but every time you post a pic I get the same reaction that it's a big dude on a skinny dudes lower quarter. It keeps coming back to that for me.
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

^gelato right? so good.

art, youve never had gelato before your trip to europe?!?!

the who, ive always thought you were playing along with synthese's joke about you being a student in france laugh.gif
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Fuck that, I can read minds.
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