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supreme 5 panel

Army BDU

Gap Shirt

Levis 511's

Cole Haan Suede bucks


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thanks for comments and thumbs up fellas ! i've always cuffed the sleeves on this jacket, donno why, but only this one.
"I like this. Also, latte better have been in the AM, you heathen."

lol ! yes it was around 930 i am no uncivilized heathen laugh.gif
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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post


Originally Posted by Eason View Post

Probably a good idea smile.gif
I'm just tryna fly you to nigeria / And show you everything luxurious / Show you how it goes down / I'm like, damn / Look at you girl


Eason...your attempts to be funny/witty never seem to take off that FAIL launch pad.


keep trying though...

FAIL launch pad, ICE BURN. I entertain myself.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

With a face like that he can be anything he wants to be.


That's why I encouraged him to be funny

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

good idea! I've done this before with cotton suits, but not wool. could be neat if it had an all-over crinkle pattern, too. i'll give it a try.


wouldn't that seriously damage the suit?

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freeza, that is terrible
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i preferred his fit on namek

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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
royal robbin (I have no idea what this is? maybe vintage?)
our legacy
j crew x 2
ll bean

Really like the rotten tomato sweat.
Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

And why would anyone choose to work in an environment like that

What am I to do after law school?
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X-post from the ToJ thread:

Quick camera phone pic on a cold day.

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Dellath: the jacket is awesome! Whatever happens, don't sell it.


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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Originally Posted by acecow View Post

This is simply awesome. You are, so far, the only person I see on this board who makes the Yohji aesthetic look so good.
This is simply boring and uninspiring. There's nothing interesting or particularly well-fitting about this outfit. A generic 20-something out of college dude in a typical democratic city. (and yes, I realize he's not in one, just saying...)
I don't see why you posted this at all.
Edit: To elaborate what I don't like about this fit:
1) The undershirt poking from under the sweater isn't doing it for me.
2) The sweater (or whatever it is) screams banana republic. The lighter color at the bottom and darker on the top makes the wearer look fatter in the mid section, and he's not a buff guy to start with.
3) Droopy shoulders, sleeve pockets and hacking pockets on the windbreaker add to that affect making him look he's "melting to the ground" for a lack of better explanation.
4) The oversized sleeve opening right before the cuffs seems out of proportion to the rest of the outfit/body type.
5) The pants are too long to break nicely and too short/wide to stack in a good way. Therefore, they fit like your typical american dad jeans.
6) The shoes are ugly with their contrasting red shoe laces and raised toes.
There, I hope I'm being more objective. That said, I liked many of his outfits, just not this one.
You know, I don't agree with basically any of what acecow said (about nicelynice, that is; I'm on board with Ivwri's Yohji fit being awesome) or how he said it, but I think I can understand where he's coming from on most of those points. Actually, I agree that the fit of the jeans is a little sub-par.

I also don´t see anything special in NN´s fit. I mean, it´s not bad at all, but also not mind blowing. The sweater is what I like the most. It´s really nice. Red laces on shoes should be changed imo. And, like teger said, jeans don´t look good.... balmains shouldn´t look so boring.
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Originally Posted by jwoowoo View Post

zYNxbl.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

this is really, really good.
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I only wish I had that jawline...
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