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Best fit yet

(I dislike the grass)
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i dont understand why you thought that fit was a troll fit

the shoes need to be burned everything else is much nicer than what you've posted
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dat gap shirt.
i like the fit
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my first post and fit on forum.

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its funny how the one you are unsure about is better than the ones that have clashing colors hendrix. I just dont dig the shoes, but its just a preference thing...never even seen those.
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hendrix that's actually one of your best, id get the pants hemmed though.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

This is gonna be fun.

i knew you had it in you to pull off something amazing. for all the heat you take, your wardrobe is nice and it just needed a more sober eye to put things together. footwear looks like you picked it up at some Maori market though, it would work in other contexts but i know you got some baller shoes and boots in your closet ! shirt looks like lot of fun too
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My first fit on forum.



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As others have noted, hem pants a tad and change footwear... perhaps the right sneaker would look aaiight? Looks good Hendrix.
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I know there's nothing hella sweet about my day-to-day fits and the weird trashcan shots don't do any favors. 

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Lel - I know that jacket's Uniqlo and I just went to all (3?) of they NYC locations... can't find it. So I'm assuming it's an old season then? any ideas on where/how to get it?

BTW guys, the flagship store has some charcoal tasmanian wool suits left, marked down... SC's are $70, pants $30. no taxes... get on that!
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post


Halloween costume?
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my halloween costume is lonely virgin and I wear it 364 days a year. one day a year I get to be B-Boy Dog. (yesterday)
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Heavy tweed jacket : Paul Harnden
Silk/Cashere sweater : Malo
Oxford cloth dress shirt: Uniqlo
Moleskine pants: Stephan Schneider
Suede boots: Margiela
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Yeah, he does look fine, but denigrating everyone else as "try-hards" and praising this fit and then saying "maybe it's boring" is just fucking bizarre.

Let me rephrase. A lot of the worst outfits we see here seem to be trying really hard. He doesn't look like he's trying hard. Yes, it's boring; I'm saying that he does "boring" well. He will fit in very well among the plebes; it's not a terrible thing to do while looking nice. I'm saying boring is OK if it's done with a good fit and good materials.

I know that Styleforum is where we come to show off, basically, but it's nice to see some easy shit mixed in. I find it kind of grounding.

"I want that guy to date my sister": yeah basically.
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