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New haircut. New jacket.


photo (5).JPG

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had to talk to about some alchemy and and this hustler name d-rugs


y's yohji
mallbrandquinho shirt and argyle sweater
mmm trousers (greyish green fabric that's hard to capture)
mihara! shoes
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I think argyle is forever dead to me.
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Originally Posted by trafficjam View Post

Someone recommended I wear darker shoes and I think he's right but I don't have any ideas. Suggestions?

You remind me of the guy from Heathers for some reason.
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love it cept for the trousers, which fit kind of strange
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Just threw on some new purchases after washing my car. Today, it is definitely way too hot to go out like this...



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lane where the fuck is your argyle
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Not sure how to react...
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lets have some tea and crumpets
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Are you, by any chance, a fan of Eddie Izzard?
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scrolling from bottom to top i thought it was going to be a lady laugh.gif

bam is right , need more argyle. backlash against argyle backlash
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lol gay
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