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Gloverall / been had Polo / Incotex / Alden
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Edited for stupid joke. My bad.
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

What gdl said. I think Moo and acecow are doing the exact same thing. It´s actually a bit weird how in sync they are.

He´s said the whole "I´m trying" thing a lot,  but I don´t buy that.



Everytime I see your posts now, Lionheart Biker, I can only think of milanesa de pollo!

I think tomorrow I will try and make a weinerschnitzel or something similar...I just ate but now I am hungry again.

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Why I love you so much Miran.
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Image Detail

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This thread is like a little park near my place...


By day, the gentry have the park to see the kids of the well-heeled, playing on the swings with their Thai/Filipino nannies and freshly-squeezed fruit juices in their bottles...


By night, the gentry are swanning it at some opera or another...and the raccoons have the place to see trash cans being turned over, trash bags ripped up everywhere, vicious turf wars, shrieking and shitting everywhere....



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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Gloverall / been had Polo / Incotex / Alden

is the gloverall too big for you or is it just the picture? left shoulder seems droopy

i like it tho
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It's probably a half size bigger than I want it to be, and I'll probably sell it well before Autumn. The shoulders have an interesting 'sporting' feature that lets them move in and out a bit, like some 'country MC' jackets.
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I dig random's fit. Might look better with the hood down though, I get the feeling it's distorting the proportions.

Oh, and can everyone please stop quoting Moo? Those of us with him on ignore would greatly appreciate it.
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I'm starting to become really distraught over the way my clothes all fit differently depending on when I bought them because my weight has fluctuated so much since before and during college.


This jacket used to be able to do up fine, and now it's FUD (fabric under distress) when I try to button it.

These pants, which I love so much because I was super excited to find a slim cargo that I could afford, are now a size too big for me. I think something needs to be done about the crotch area? I don't understand why it gets foldy like that. Also probably need them hemmed (see stacking at knees in third pic) but thinking that it might be a problem since they're elastic-cuffed?

The shirt is apparently to small in the neck because I wanted to wear an awesome tie with this but I couldn't.

The sweater is fine because it's a medium at H&M, which usually fits me regardless of my fat or skinny status.


I ironed everything this morning but these shots were taken a good 10 hours after that so please excuse the wrinkly mess.

Fit pics (Click to show)




Oh and I rolled up my sleeves later in the day, which looked good, but I forgot to take a pic like that and I'm tired & lazy so def not getting dressed again to shoot a pic.


This summer I will hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to move out on my own, which means I'll actually be living downtown where I can access places like the gym to keep my body in check and find a good affordable tailor to help streamline my wardrobe.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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Originally Posted by acecow View Post

Reminds me of when I was 5 years old and my Mother dressed me in a navy kids snow suit. I also had my mittens on an elastic band that went through my sleeves behind my back, so I wouldn't lose them.

your childhood must have been hell


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Gah, these are what I wish mine looked like:

Originally Posted by steveoffice View Post


x-posted from fashion thoughts thread

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Anduru, may I ask where you are in the Toronto area?

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Originally Posted by derrida26 View Post

your childhood must have been hell

Sounds like typical Russian childhood. Hell in some eyes; heaven in others'.
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Why don't you dumbasses just ignore moo and acecow? Done and done.
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