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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

What is long hair? Is what I have now long?

compared to before, i'd say yes. compared to mine, no. it looks better now than before haha.
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new jacket came in. bit tight when worn with a sweater+shirt+tee as it is filled/thick interior padding. super warm by itself with a tee that I am very pleased about. also glad that it is not a deep black...it is described as "soft black". also superb finishing on the exterior. described as black and wax, but doesn't catch any lint! (nice) happy w/ the jacket, the right amount of volume but still maintains a sleek siluoette that PE is known for.
99% keeping so I'll listen to what the 1% have to say


( I do not know why that I keep my hands in my pocket ) lol


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gradient 1.png

am i doin it rite?

sorry 4 bad quality

close-up of shoes (Click to show)

steve madden shoes.png


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Originally Posted by acecow View Post

May I just point out this:
Disregarding the pants, Moo's whole outfit is on a different level in terms of quality, fit and color coordination. Yet, Moo get trashed and that dude gets 30 likes. How?!
Edit: The fit on the right is barely passable, albeit very boring and not well put together. It's not a horrible fit on the jacket, but not more than a B-.

main difference is that if I see bows, I am like oh, now that is one sexy motherfucker, I would fuck him in the ass.

moo has perhaps an air of boss authority that comes across in work related pornography, but that's mostly it.

TL;DR MC is focused on looking good in a business setting, while SW&D is more focused on what looks "good" overall--which makes things more messy, but has the added benefit of including the base reality of how your clothes look and whether or not they are attractive to the average, fashionless street bystander.



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Haha, the TL;DR is longer than the rest of the post.

edit: fucking next page'ed!
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gotta love MA-1s, right toasty? I didnt like the ervell version because the arm office was too damn small. it's a nice piece otherwise.

my version of comfy boy


zip sneaks
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TL:DR TL:DR I would fuck bows in the ass

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The Ladies Man does not understand...
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Originally Posted by derrida26 View Post

TL:DR TL:DR I would fuck bows in the ass

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If you can't see that Moo and I are going for a different look then I don't know what to tell you. I think Moo is capturing what he wants with a high degree of success, while I am trying to do the same, with a different litmus scale. The fits shouldn't be compared, as they take place in different realms. I'm just trying to have fun while shooting a black tie event, and fitting in with whatever i have in my closet. Moo obiously has a job that requires more than mine, and he dresses accordingly. He doesn't look great from a SW&D pov, but he looks good from a MC prospective. He accomplishes what he want's and that is great! Thats what he wants! I don't want what he wants so why compare.

Moo, the reason I got more thumbs up than you is not just that I'm nice, etc. the things that have been said thus far. People just aren't looking for that type of fit in this section! Cross post both to MC and see how it gets flipped.

Overall, thanks for the thumbs up and the comments. I don't dress like this often (Haven't worn a tie in years) so its nice to hear some feedback.

edit - BTW after rereading derrida's comment; I don't believe that the "fashionless street bystander" would think Moo is more fashionable; merely more wall street.
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On another note, what do you use in your hair bows? I need better product.

-From one ginger to another
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bows got more rep because the picture is better

i like moo's fit better but his pants are too baggy

bows jacket is kinda bad (shoulders too large, gorge too high, peak lapels too low) and agree on the boring coordination
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Originally Posted by Anduru View Post

steve madden shoes.png

Steve Madden sneaker...oxfords? Is that what's going on, here? I'm intrigued.. foo.gif.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Y'all play a lot rougher over here than the fellas do in MC. It seems a lot more Darwinian. MC toodles along, relatively politely, until one of the more established guys gets fed up with shit/mediocrity and lets loose. gdl is the current enforcer, but there have been others. (I got jumped in by Niidawg.) Then there's a gang tackle of "Yeah, that sucks!" until everyone gets it off his chest, and we revert to the polite mean.

I don't know how much longer I'll last... it is a tiring (and obviously thankless) task ... maybe we should rotate enforcer roles... you next? smile.gif

Yeah, no. I don't have nearly the cred to talk shit about other people in MC. I do call 'em like I see 'em, but not in that ball-breaking way that juices up the thread. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by noobizor View Post
Steve Madden sneaker...oxfords? Is that what's going on, here? I'm intrigued.. foo.gif.

Yuh, Steve Maddens.


edit: omg nvm i just realized what it said. yeah i guess they're sneaker oxfords.

original post (Click to show)

oxfords? i thought those were dressy shoes?

my boyfriend called them top-siders too but i thought that was what boat shoes are called....


if anything i would call them sneakers



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