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everytime i post a fit with those shoes you (and maybe a few others) say something along those lines, so i always expect to hear criticism about them.
Until i find a better white high/mid sneaker at a good price im gonna keep wearing them. They are pretty good quality (seriously) and quite comfy...

I guess they kinda reminded me of these early season CPs, wish id wished i woulda got, though obviously not as good:

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why not just wear boots? you have a lot of nice pairs.
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nor do i
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i know what you're going for but proportions are off.

but what do i know

I don't really smoke but it's one of those haggard days...
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Female Beagle gang, ours:

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damn, I can't compete with the canine cuteness...
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jesus christ GN, stand up straight
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

This is worse.

The tank is way too tight and white for what you're going for - which is not a look i'm particularly fond of in the first place.

I know people jump on the whole uber-casual-comfy thing but the sweatpants are just sweatpants, and it looks dumb when it's tryna be fashion (cue response that "not tryna be fashion just chilling" which is bullshit).
Get slouchy pants or gray tapered jeans as mentioned by notwihit.
i don't think you can work the leather in there either.
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just wear them for a bit then post pics once you understand what to wear them with. I'm sure you can tell this doesn't look good. I'm thinking some type of loose as fuck wifebeater, colourblocked would be nice, and tapered grey or white jeans but i dunno if that would work in practise.
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nah, leather can definitey work with sweats, I've seen it looks absolutely rad before.

but, jacket needs to fit looser and dare I say be longer? tank should also be looser and longer. sweats should have a little more taper.
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never before has a guy had such a hard time wearing sneakers...
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Spring has officially sprung in Nebraska, busting out the thin clothes.

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Originally Posted by nerdhlic View Post

Jesus, are those guys really that young?

No, they aren't. I would say that most of them are in their 30s or 40s and a good many are much older. There are a few younger posters, but Liam_O is an oddity and no-one thinks he dresses well over in MC. He seems to think he's being true to himself and I guess anyone might feel like that the first time they are subjected to concerted criticism.


Anyway, as I said on that thread, the whole argument was stupid.  There's no way you can claim that an entire way of dressing is fundamentally better or worse (or more 'manly', FFS!) than another. It's all about that any fit works in the context in which it seeks to be judged, and that's influenced by a whole lot of really superficial or actually entirely irrelevant things (e.g. if a particular brand is mentioned then people will like it regardless of how it looks, or in the latter case, how well people know the person posting). People in both MC and SW&D are pretty forgiving of some entirely unremarkable fits if they are either brand-heavy or being worn by people who are liked... 


At the other end, however, there are a very small percentage of people in both subforums who actually dress consistently outstandingly, and I think most people in either place would have no trouble agreeing who those are (Parker being the clearest SW&D example of cross-forum consensus, but perhaps more surprisingly for those who think that MC posters wouldn't get SW&D I am guessing that none of the decent MCers would fail to see that Ivwri has the same kind of successful dedication to Yohji Yamamoto as SpooPoker has to Tom Ford). And personally, my favourite posters in MC tend to the more dandyish end of the spectrum and get plenty of love over here - Barims, being a prime example, who doesn't post enough these days. 


For me though, the WAYWRN threads are not the most interesting things on these forums. It's the wealth of specialist knowledge on both sides, whether it be about handmade shoes or obscure Japanese labels. That's what makes this place worth coming back to.

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