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Post 1,356 about your vans. Nobody cares.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Since we're sort of on the topic, what sort of sneaker/athletic shoe would you guys recommend me for walking 5-10 miles around a city in a day? My Aldens kill me by night time. Will likely pick up a pair of white Svenssons soon, hope that fits the bill well enough

New Balances
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

I like the A/X t-shirt

Wait what? I could swear the comment would be about my shoulders
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kinda bad color/lighting, but oh well

silent t
aristolasia bag
berrini pants
s2a shoes
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jwied i normally like your stuff but i think those sneakers are really ugly and the pants look too long frown.gif
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everytime i post a fit with those shoes you (and maybe a few others) say something along those lines, so i always expect to hear criticism about them.
Until i find a better white high/mid sneaker at a good price im gonna keep wearing them. They are pretty good quality (seriously) and quite comfy...

I guess they kinda reminded me of these early season CPs, wish id wished i woulda got, though obviously not as good:

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why not just wear boots? you have a lot of nice pairs.
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nor do i
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i know what you're going for but proportions are off.

but what do i know

I don't really smoke but it's one of those haggard days...
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Female Beagle gang, ours:

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damn, I can't compete with the canine cuteness...
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jesus christ GN, stand up straight
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

This is worse.

The tank is way too tight and white for what you're going for - which is not a look i'm particularly fond of in the first place.

I know people jump on the whole uber-casual-comfy thing but the sweatpants are just sweatpants, and it looks dumb when it's tryna be fashion (cue response that "not tryna be fashion just chilling" which is bullshit).
Get slouchy pants or gray tapered jeans as mentioned by notwihit.
i don't think you can work the leather in there either.
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