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The shirt is Dunhill, made of soft cotton. The jacket is Cucinelli. The hanky, as I clearly pointed out, is a soft pink cotton. The chain, as I've mentioned before, was a gift 10+ years ago and has special meaning to me. Now go blow a load into your socks.

And, this is you, right?


Please never comment, negatively or positively, on anyone's fit here again.
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Junya down shirt
Vintage Noragi
Thom shirt
LVC 1947
Junya boots
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Moo i don't think that is miran.
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moo, you should just pony up for some nice jeans. so much better than the mass-market stuff. of course, i understand if you're holding out for further weight drop. nice going' btw. lookin' good.
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miran epic troll

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Moo. Overall good. Maybe a nicer jeans and I think it should be a little shorter. PS and shirt should not in same color, or remove the PS. Nice Cucinelli btw.
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i sort of have to agree with miran..
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im noticing people are dressing better and one of the more simplier ones. but doing it with the right pieces/fit attached having a better flow.


rather than the boring or overdone ones.

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Do you have any recommendations? something similar to petit standards but maybe with some stretch, and less sweat-inducing? I have enough 511's, and don't want to shell out for dior. Need lots of white pants for summer, i think. Last year was brutal.

i think someone said uniqlo is doing the t000 cut in white now. pretty similar to ps cut. I got my diors for apc prices on b+s, just have to keep an eye out.
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^ what does that even mean

EDIT: @chronbong

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Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post

I'm thinking the shirt is too tight, or too short, or both.  And in retrospect, I also think more laid-back shoes would have been better.




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)









The reason you're getting a lot of Express/GQ jabs is because the combination of shiny dress shirt + pretty casual indigo denim doesn't work all that well.  It doesn't look bad, exactly, but it kinda makes you look like a pretty boy.  I think you'll be a lot better off if you a. get a shirt with texture (or at least a button-down collar) or b. change the pants.  I've definitely made the same mistake in the past and it's kinda hard to see why it doesn't work until you see it on someone else.

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Lol'd at TCWalter's comment
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Originally Posted by tcwalter07 View Post

my nigga stanly van buren musta donated to clothes for chemo patients
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IMO, it makes you look like you're into STYLE!, as opposed to someone like aether, who is into style, but who just looks like a well-put-together dude. Stealth steez.
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