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Lane, is that a denim jacket? Can't really tell from the pic.
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Miran, weren´t you told not to continue with the food posting? Do you wanna a couple more months in the hole??


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Lane, that is fucking sick. Love it.
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continuing the black theme
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X Post from MC Casual


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^^Change pants to actual white denim with a break, switch to non-horrible suede shoes and cuff your sleeves better, in that order.
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order seems a bit irrelevant. esp. because taking off pants with shoes still on is fucking difficult

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@Parker icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


@Crat Pants are fine IMHO.  There's more than one way to do white. (But yeah, maybe some different shoes would help the look.)

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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

Mastai Ferretti
Crockett & Jones

If you rolled up those sleeves, tucked in the shirt, got a belt, and rolled those pants you'd look like a #menswear blogger. At which point those shoes would actually work. pretty well.

Straw fedora/tilby, ray-bans, sprezz bracelets, and DSLR optional.
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I don't know what you guys are on about I think his pants look fine and the sleeves only look odd because he's posing for a picture.  Just get shoes that aren't ugly (i.e. not loafers) and it's a nice outfit.

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Originally Posted by colabear View Post

awww so cute shog[1].gif

I am surprised that not a lot of people commented on this pic. It is a perfect example of a "Kodak" moment capturing a moment of pure bliss as seen from the look of Eason's sweet and happy face. A look on one's face similar to a contented orgasmic satisfaction achieved from a vigorous bout of masturbation. However, the picture would have been aesthetically golden sans t shirt to showcase a sight of Eason's smooth, milky skin and plump perky nips pink like berries against the poignant and serene background of a gray lake. A feast to the senses.
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