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what am i looking at? ninja edit
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yeah, kinda sucky fit today... didn't want to subject everyone to it after all.
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i liked it frown.gif
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Wow, hard to post after these guys (nice fit iwri + willy)

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marcjacobs 3sixteenx2 nudiejeans generalsurplus rafxfredperry uniqlosocks /#menswear

PS the rain sucks. LET US SEE IT PARKER.
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Love the rain coat! I wish I could dare wearing such a piece of cloth in Paris!
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are you the new troll
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Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

Thanks for the thumbs and comments on my last post guys.
Really like that fit Master Milano. Good stuff.
Me today (shout out to Drew).
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Jacket, Shirt - Cotton/YYPH SS2012
Pants - Silk/YYPH SS2012
Sandals - Leather/KVA SS2011

I think I am starting to get you, Ivrii...and what Yohji Yamamoto brings that attracts people like you.

The common theme seems to be "Nothing is as it seems".  Almost everything is out of whack.  Pants that look like shirt sleeves, but on their side and worn on one's legs...pant cuffs that look like shirt cuffs...jackets that look like cardigans from the front and crumpled dresses from the rear...millionaires dressed up to look like hobos (and yes, Ivrii, today is particularly hobo-y)...only the shirt is normal, though I would have preferred a pair of pants worn upside down on your chest, the leg openings used as arm sleeves.  Incidentally, I do believe the shirt is taken line for line from that worn by Imperial Japanese Army captains and commanders, under their jackets...who knows where Yohji's head is politically...

The sandals, though elegant, are too normal here, Ivrii...you should wear a pair of gloves on your feet.

The problem, Ivrii, is that this is nothing new, and that's what Yohji Yamamato does not get--his urge is just to shock, maybe slightly horrify.  He can call it "challenging" (There is nothing challenging about it really) his wearers to question the rules...why wear shoes on one's feet and not on one's hands?  The "This is not a pipe" rigmarole, but played and clapped out to rigour mortis and about 75 years late.  It's not original.  The shock factor doesn't make it new or great...surely you must know this? 

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What is not shown on this picture are generic blue jeans(albeit nicely fitted) and brown suede desert boots.

I'll make sure to take a full body shot next time. shog[1].gif

Edited by Antonie - 2/29/12 at 5:06pm
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shah, that was cruel
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I have to learn from the best i.e. Willy
frees are always welcome my way, free willy

I see what you did there marchal.gif
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Ray Ban
PS Paul Smith
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Change jeans and lose the bracelet and you might have something there.
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Jeans look fine to me (though were you kneeling in mud?) but I agree about the bracelet. Maybe smaller beads, if your heart's set on that style?
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