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+j uniqlo
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Ok, now I want to join the played out party. Aping a Parker look

what is the blazer? looks great.
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Since two folks have asked-- it's actually Shipley and Halmos. Fabric is almost t-shirt material, perfect weight now that Winter is feeling more like Spring.
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AnnDem Combined.png

Need a haircut (ib4tan)

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Shoes and portfolio:
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i think some slimmer pants would make you look better.
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That makes you look 50ish. I think pale yellow is a particularly terrible color also. Slim everything up. You lost weight, now take advantage of it.
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The suit vest is way too long as well imho smile.gif
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Agreed, plain white shirt would tone down the color palette in a good way.

Also, I can kinda appreciate the conservative silhouette but the Kiton Brioni vibes are hard to ignore.
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Thanks for the input. I'm not purchasing new clothing until I get to my target weight so, unfortunately some things will be a bit loose in the meantime. redface.gif
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I dunno. If i didnt know moo was around my age id say its elegant oldmansteez. Shirt colour is off tho
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I would have expected more exotic skins out of Kitton Brioni but I guess that's what time off does for people.
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You guys are aware that KB passed away recently, right?
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now is that a certainty or did he just stop posting for a day and consequently everyone panicked?
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