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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

Eagerly waiting for summer to come so you can start posting short shorts fit pic again

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Originally Posted by whodini View Post

I'm sorry, SVB, but when I see your White, clean-cut self juxtaposed against the background of downtown I can't help but think of that "You gonna get raped" meme.

But I like the sweater.

Alert your girlfriend, Stanley: her Christmas plaque has arrived.
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Originally Posted by kgfan5 View Post

Trying a different look today... Brown or black shoes?





Brown works IMHO.


Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Little more biz cas then usual today

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Best fit this year, I think.  Are you the guy with the ultimate "this is how jeans should fit" photo that I see tossed around on SF occasionally?



Whatever123 is banned? how did that happen? eh.gif

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hagg bringing out the praise

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Photo good. Outfit could be better with not those shoes or not that sweater.
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Bows what boots r u wearing? You are not wearing stefanobi, are you?
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wait is that what side the buttons of the mmm cardigan are on :S
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CCP semi-metallic + wool sweater
Julius waxed cotten denim
Lanvin python


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That outfit could be really cool on the right person, you just lack the swag.
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paul harnden
visvim pants
carpe boots (no vis)
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post

Thanks man. Yes, I'm studying accounting. You?

Yeah I study engineering there, not in Vancouver right now though
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didn't do one of these for a while have I
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Originally Posted by grizzlybear View Post

No I sold a bunch of hm shit that in fact I sent all of it out, I got banned because derek92 bought a toj varsity from me and I didn't get a tracking like an idiot so I couldn't prove I sent it which was the case with $20 dollar sweaters I sold from hm, he consequently sold the toj "to a very nice man in France" and got away with my toj and $205.

wait wut, im lurker skywalker, and im this nice french man you speak of.
please elaborate...
is my varsity like a blood diamond?
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those boots are soo good SQ icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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