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I'm 6ft tall. The camera was close to my waist height so its probably the angle that makes it look awkward.
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Angle not flattering, needs better lighting so we can see the fit better. Slimmer jeans would probably work better.
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okay i took new pics and edited them into my post.
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@hipster, I think the fit is really good until I get below the knees. Everything is so slim and form fitting and then the denim bunches up as it tucks into the sneakers. If the denim were tapered (and possibly hemmed) and you had on a slimmer shoe I think this would look really nice.

@grizzlybear I don't understand why you didn't just post that second photo from your montage as your orig fit pic. The colors come through much clearer. I'm not a huge fan of the hoody, but I don't think it ruins the fit like others do. I don't really care for the green shoes with the gray (?) slacks.

The last photo in your montage looks pretty good.

Lastly, thanks everybody for the feedback and the kind words.
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is grizzlybear nerazzuri ? sup bro
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PP you need to post more often
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Originally Posted by PinkPantser View Post


Been a while
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Trying a different look today... Brown or black shoes?


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Goin' to work.


BB/M. Koors/Dockers/AE
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kg- I think those brown shoes look good.

GN- you could also use some brown shoes. Looks good otherwise.

PP- Scarf ties the whole thing together beautifully.
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Originally Posted by PinkPantser View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Dig the jacket. What's the label? Also, does the collar have pointed tips or is it more of rounded/club collar type thing?


@ grizzlybear - I haven't been here that long, so I don't really have any personal bias against you, but I think the outfit you posted is catching flak b/c it looks like you're dressing without any consideration for your body type. Ie. you've chosen clothes that you think are cool, but have ignored the other half of the equation (how they fit your body)

As you're a bit barrel chested I think you should be careful about adding bulk to the top half of an outfit with layers. Also, your legs look to be on the short side, so I think you should be more conscious about how your pants and shoes can exaggerate that. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't wear slim pants or high tops, but just be selective about it.
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kg, brown all day
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

is grizzlybear nerazzuri ? sup bro

Didnt nerazzuri scam a bunch of people? Or was that someone else. Either way nerazzuri stopped posting at the end of march last year and grizzlybear registered in april last year... hmmm
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i have no clue about the scamming, he was banned. but this is him if i recall the old pics correctly, he lost weight and now playing soccer

yo nera, tomorrow is marseille inter you down ?? icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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