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Originally Posted by roryben View Post

There're a lot of peacoats about at the moment but I think this looks great jwied. What's the material of the coat?
Beard is an animal

thanks. Its a cotton/poly blend (53/47). Has a little bit of a brushed feeling and a little sheen to it in certain light. Also seems to being somewhat water-resistant. Decent material, seems suitable to for the style of the coat.
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jwied i love your insistence on random yoox brands. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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You look like a fucking tool. Truly. 

Originally Posted by i2onnel View Post

I got something for you guys.


What's a goon to a GOBLIN? Allllll the wayyyyy turntttt upppp.


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bows- that jacket is an incredible piece, but it has nighttime written all over it. Don't take this the wrong way but wearing it to work with t-shirt and sneakers looks pretentious, unless your job calls for that type of outlandishness.

jwied- that coat is a perfect fit.

cbusguy- great cardi, and I love it even more knowing you dyed it yourself.
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silent (scarf)
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Looks cool man, but dropping like 5 lbs wouldn't hurt.
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2 chainz Ronnel's charm cost 100 stacks//10 thousand with his shirt off, thats 100 tats

i dont think ill have the opportunity to say that to any other SF members, so i seized the day redface.gif
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

bows you should add laces to those sneakers. i always feel sad when i see someone wearing the MMM GATs with a gross loose tongue hanging out. looks like some sort of low budget mexican porn.
I think it has more to do with wearing them with jeans with a narrow hem. You usually can't control whether the hem of your jeans slides behind the tongue with a pair of low-tops. If his jeans had a wider hem, they'd be able to cover both the tongue and the lip on the back of the shoe with no issues. If he was wearing hi-tops, it also wouldn't be a concern. It's just narrow-hem jeans with low-tops, and I think it's particularly prevalent with GATs.
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yes, i do wear ugly shoes. and you can't stop me.
nom de guerre sweater
psv t-shirt
j crew 484 cords
clarks wallabees
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wallys are cool but you're livin in brown town
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Originally Posted by i2onnel View Post

What's this goon goblin'?
Originally Posted by sh0ebox View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
can't help but think that they're Dior's sure, but seems to make you look pudgy. Instead of long and lean with stacks, these just look sloppy on you... dunno why.
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I think the issue is that they'd look better sagged more.
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such swag icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
those dbss snekaers are great.
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Leather looks loose around the waist and a bit short in the body. Could just be bunching up or something though.
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