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Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

dude in my high school benched 315 in 9th grade :|

Yea there was this crazy Russian that would bench over 400, we all watched him in amazement. Think he set the school record
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You guys were a bunch of weirdo superhuman man-children.
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Hate the gym. If I didn't ride bikes I'd prolly run or something.
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Running ftw. Runners high is free.
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Running does not get the aesthetics though.
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Depends what you want and how you're naturally built. I supplement running with core and push/pull ups and am fairly defined. Its also practically impossible for me to stay motivated to lift when the only quantifiable goals are intangible aka "bench more" or "be more blasted"
To each their own though.
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Originally Posted by samblackbones View Post

...when the only quantifiable goals are intangible aka "bench more" or "be more blasted"

Wha...numeric goals are pretty tangible and...quantifiable. foo.gif
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Originally Posted by bubba04 View Post

And pay US$95,000 for a Honda Civic, only to have it stolen from you at automatic rifle gunpoint? No, thanks. Been there, done that.

OK, but this is how I am told it works, if you are a rich Brazilian...and I was told this by a rich Brazilian:
If you are rich and Brazilian, you buy a 300-series BMW and it costs you what it costs to buy a Maserati Quattroporte in Germany, or somethign like that. MOst of the money goes toward taxes on the purchase, that is to the government.
But you are a rich Brazilian, means you work in the government, you are in the government.
So the tax money goes to the government...none of which is spent on the lines the pockets of those in the government, in other words it comes back to you.
So it keeps the import priced disadvantageously relative to your local industry...but the money is not is not reinvested into the state. but the middle class now is forced to buy locally...which you own, if you are rich in it lines your pockets with their money now as well.
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

one day i will take an island for myself. perhaps an uninhabited one, Alexandros Hydras, hire a santouri player -- can you recommend any ? i will of course populate and rename it.

You can joke, and this is a running joke in European newspapers..but to Greeks, this is a stinging can mock the debt, but not selling the islands to pay for the debt...
Since you mentioned Cyprus earlier, I guess you know soemthing about the islands.
"Enosis" in Greek means "re-bringing together", and its the dream of reuniting all the islands that were part of the ancient Hellenic world and remained Greek majority with the modern Greek state. This effort has been the bloodiest mess in modern times. The islands were ruled by all sort of foreign powers, but after modern Greece became a state in the 19th century, some of the islands were surrendered by the ottomans without a fight...some like Chios saw massacres so they no longer were Greek majority. Some were taken over by the British empire and gifted over, others were taken over by the British Empire and gifted to Turkey because they are too close to the Dardanelles which the powers that be have decided must remain exclusively in Turkish hands for the good of the universe....Crete became part of Greece after an inhuman "population exchange"...Rhodos and some others after World War II...and Cyprus is still not resolved. Taking an island away to pay for the debt is like undoing everything you have worked for over the past 200 years.
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shut up meatheads
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^^ son of adonis, i didn't say it was to pay off the debt. i don't intend to purchase it. i simply want to take it. there will be no population exchange as i will be sure to look for an uninhabited one. i don't require a massive expanse of land.
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I'd rather read miran posts for two hours than run.
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i like to exercise while listening to young jeezy icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

edit: bacon, what sneakers were you wearing in your last waywt??
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jealous of people who enjoy exercising.
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