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both are pretty bad to be honest.

The RO shirt is ugly and the cardigan in the second fit is unflattering - although that might be the camera angle.

The lack of colour is very difficult for me to handle from all but a few posters. but that's just me.
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Originally Posted by Master Milano View Post

awww, all of us pretending we have girlfriends shog[1].gif

Some of us have wives
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

My wife is under the impression that I come on SF because it's full of valuable information. Boy is she mistaken!

I say this as a guy who didn't say hello to Tween on the street because then he would know who I was.

You should have gone up to him, and then introduced yourself as someone else in WAYWT whom he wouldn't know what they looked like...eg. "Tween_Spirit? Hello! I'm Jet!"....or something like that.

I'll share one thing though...in my case, about a month ago, an element of this forum reared its head in the real world....and no, it wasn't in a nice way like seeing Uncontrol in the street being stared at by a group of horrified school children. It was in an extremely disturbing and sickening way actually....I shared it with Lady Miran and my brother, when they both came by shortly afterwards, partly because I was a bit perturbed myself. I told them about styleforum, that I post here as a member miran....etc etc....neither one seemed to care. Neither was interested in the forum, what was here, what I was posting here, what I was reading here, nothing. But both were fascinated...fascinated...with what reared its head in the real world, both took the time to see how it was involved with the forum, etc etc. They argued about the disturbingness of the thing involved. But the forum itself was largely ignored. On top of that, Lady Miran's English is extremely poor so she wouldn't understand most of what is here anyways.

But as others have pointed out here, people do get concerned about excessive Internet shopping, etc etc....they encourage it, they join you in it, and then they go bezerk that you're spending too much time....but mind you, it's worse with the time you're watching soccer/football online...
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

Some of us have wives

now, shame on you for pretending you have a girlfriend!
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Yes, as someone just said, caring about your apearance will get a stereotype label thrown at you.  The gay label.  Of course, if you're gay, then you can broadcast your StyleForum membership to the world and wait for the dudes to roll in.  If not, you've got a problem.  I think my parents think I'm gay, because whenever I visit them my dad comments that "I look like I put a lot of effort into my clothing," or that "my jeans are kind of tight" or something.  It's pretty scary.


The trick is to look amazing without looking like you tried.  I must say, that's hard to do.


kgfan5: good fit.  Deets please?

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Originally Posted by tween_spirit View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

it's art, dad
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Originally Posted by dnna1 View Post

Experimenting with different places to shoot, here are the last couple days.....

Originally Posted by dnna1 View Post

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Originally Posted by snake View Post

it's art, dad

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nice fit tween.

and thanks for that uniqlo premium down fit. picked up XS and fits great.
i love the trash bag look
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x-post from TOJ thread. Quick (bad) fit pic of my QDR


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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

nice fit tween.
and thanks for that uniqlo premium down fit. picked up XS and fits great.
i love the trash bag look

Good to hear, I can't recommend them enough for warmth/value. Yeah I was hesitant on the black because of the trash bag thing, but I really do like it for that. I mostly wear it underneath other coats anyway.

When I wore only that jacket though at home over Christmas one day, I did get a few trash bag/homeless person comments from family members at separate instances though hahaha. That could have more to do with my vacation mode appearance though.. shog[1].gif
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that LUC tussa cardigan is like the most unflattering cardigan ever, jesus. and didn't it retail for like 2k?
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

downloading that american me movie. don't let me down regis.

i also downloaded this and watched 45 minutes and was like 'holy fuck this is boring'. it's like an episode of oz but less violent/interesting.
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Originally Posted by aether View Post

elbow grease, and some other oils...

Lose the hat. 


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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

APK.....culturally (mine) its seen as a weakness for a man to care so much about what they wear

Honestly, I think most guys here can empathize with this. We're a superficial society, but straight guys caring about their appearance and clothes is still a concept a lot of people aren't able to absorb without boxing in those guys to some stereotype.

A girl I was with on NYE gave me the dreaded "metrosexual" label because I don't have a normal dude haircut (relative to this area) and because a lot of my shirts have odd/deep necklines ("you've got more chest exposed than I do!"). I don't tell my friends about this place, mostly because they don't give a shit about this stuff, but also because they aren't really open to the idea of a guy wearing clothes for reasons other than "they have to." My ex used to joke about me being on here, but it was all in good fun. Her knowing about this place, though, was bad news for other reasons.


I was at  a club with some friends a few weeks back and ran into this girl I work with. While chatting and drinking she told me another girl  we work with thought I was gay beacuse of how I dressed and because I cared about fashion and stuff. A deep v-neck dsquared2 tee I once wore was one of the things that led her to think that, as I was told.  After she told me that, she proceded to ask me herlself if I was indeed gay. Long story short, we ended up hooking up a few hours after that.


 I´ve also had friends who have asked me about the clothes I wear and they act all surprised because of the money I spend on sneakers and jeans (even though some of them make much more money than I do). They´ve also never heard of most of the brands I wear. I´m pretty sure I´m the only guy in all of patagonia (a region in argentina with 5 provinces in it, some as big as some european countries, but with very much, much less population) who knows and owns a pair of KVA or YSL.

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