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From the WAYWT Archive, April 6 1979:


All items made in the USA (I think).

One rude comment about Custis Mayfield wannabeism and how a half-white half-Kenyan guy can never truly represent blaxpoitation by Teger
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Originally Posted by dtmt View Post

look, you got donations because you went out and asked for them. and that's great, but let's be honest, you're a westerner in asia, and they couldn't turn down your request for donations any more than they could resist the novelty of patting a cute puppy on the head, which is about how they view you
the idea that some shitty facial hair had anything to do with it or was any sort of accomplishment is so fucking retarded it makes me want to go out and punch babies in the face

hahaha you're a dick
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Originally Posted by dtmt View Post

they're not raising money, they're raising "awareness", which in plain english is basically attention whoring with extra smug

It raises money for cancer research, $174 million in the last five years or so, and funds LIVESTRONG among other programs. Karma's a bitch dude, especially when you're punching babies on the side.
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wow, I guess I struck a nerve. I guess I should've known better to point out on a fashion form that real problems can't be solved through vanity

although it is sort of brilliant in a way. encouraging people to do such a disproportionately large amount of attention whoring in exchange for such an extremely tiny amount of actual effort is perhaps better than getting nothing from them at all.
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why not, i dont think i've posted anything here in a while

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Can you tell I'm excited to go splash around in the negative tide at Half Moon Bay today!?
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dtmt is a fucking retard. go shove your head in an oven and spare the world of your gene pool please. let's see if you're too cool for this "fad" when your asshole is rotting.
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shrek !
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Originally Posted by Dr Huh? View Post

It's bad.

It's horrid.
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looks good kunk, but it seems like you shrunk in half since i joined this forum. i miss the big kunk shog[1].gif
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^i probably have, can't lift like i used to. probably healthier now, 215 vs. 260
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