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Not a big fan of the way the sweater fits in the sleeves, but the bottom half I really like. Definitely don't taper the 21cms, what's the point?
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dlester, great stuff. jeans are cool. what are the boots?
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jacket is Barbour bedale

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If everyone's talking u-necks, you can get Alt A u-necks on the UO web site for $10 a piece. They only have two colors, red and blue, but I'd expect them to be a good clip better than BDG or Asos.
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MF, the whole thing is a little too matchy-matchy. Your previous fit post was spot on, however.

Do you typically wear crew length or OTC socks? I only ask you wear your pants with such a high hem I wonder how well things work when you sit down.
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21 cms look turrible there

mellow can do no wrong
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sell me the luc knit thx
would look better oversized lengthwise imo. like on me.
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Mellow - must agree, the previous fit looked better, this one's okay.
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Cool beagle. My grandpa has one. He's always had one actually, as he used to hunt when he was younger.
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^this is really fucking good dawg we'll have to meet up and talk bimmers if i come to nyc
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nice jeans, tween
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Another silly temperature day. 86 Farenheit in October is unheard of...
Corduroy shorts as a concession to Autumn.


Topman Ltd ed
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Originally Posted by tween_spirit View Post


All looks good - jacket looks great
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