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Originally Posted by Binker View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
shirt is dries, tried to stand sideways and capture the detailing but it didn't work out
ignore the brand and style for a second. IMO that shirt color just washes you out, it's too close to your skin tone.
plus your belt might be too long as well.
and the rise on those jeans is giving you serious mooseknuckle, plus I'm all for some stack, but those look pretty sloppy (new jeans? wide hem?)
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Originally Posted by thatgirl again View Post

thanks boys!

what happened? Lol … i broke up with my boyfriend, basically made him move out the apt we shared, took my car back and started driving the 2 miles each way to work instead of walking (before the ex was taking my car daily to work) … soooo now i wear whatever i want because i don't have to deal with the hike every day (and him haha). these boots, i found on ebay, couldn't resist!

and then for all of you (Ivwri, Synthese, snake…) going back and forth on the leg opening and the black-ness or non-blackness of my boots and the fact that it's not Rick on Rick on Rick …

leg opening, i really liked with the tights, i like the fact that you can visibly see that my leg is smaller than it and doesn't look like i've got major cankles or really fat calves or something awkward that i'm sure would be mocked if they fit poorly haha. i also quite enjoy that they're not black, thanks biggrin.gif and then, I own one Rick tank, those boots (now) and a DrkShdw sweatshirt. Otherwise my closet is such a varied mix, that I'm looking forward to bringing more of an edgy clean line to the rest of my wardrobe. especially because i live literally 2 blocks from the beach, the all Rick look would just be.. awkward. (Side note, he did make these beautifully ethereal dresses in one of his more recent collections, those I could defffffinitely wear).

Cropped pants? No way … tried those last night, the ones I have (cute IRL) looked terrible with the Rick boots.. wrong style altogether I think. Denim and other non-legging pants, I'll have to play around with… not all of my pants I think are skinny enough at the leg opening that they'd work perfectly with these. Although, I do have a grungy dress + sweater in mind that I'll prob wear and post soon.

Thanks for all the feedback!

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thatgirl; what did your ex dress like? Good style?
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I like your name thatgirl mwink[1].gif.

o ya and i like your fit
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Originally Posted by thatgirl again View Post


helmut lang sweater
alternative apparel drapey tank thing (whatever you want to call it)
splendid leggings
my new rick boots
philip lim 3.1 bag

just got these boots, am officially obsessed with them. what do you think, am i wearing them right?

you dress decently for a woman, pretty good
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I'm not a fan of those giant boots but eh.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

I'm not a fan of those giant boots but eh.

Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

you dress decently for a woman, pretty good

again, pfft.. thanks, i guess? that's sort of backhanded .. insult? compliment? whoooo knoowwsss
Originally Posted by 1up View Post

thatgirl; what did your ex dress like? Good style?

yeah, he had expensive taste and made sure his clothes always fit to a t.
Originally Posted by shahanshah View Post

^ one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over him! you go gurrrl his loss is yours to exploit stylistically
(sorry to hear but hopefully all for the better)

i'm not sorry, i'm feeling infinitely better without him than with him! plus … rick boots! inlove.gif
Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

I like your name thatgirl mwink[1].gif.

o ya and i like your fit

thanks, and nice name, too!
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kunk doesn't give compliments much, that's pretty big praise fyi

also I like the fit for the most part

ednobs you gotta post more often, always on point
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thx guys ~!

i don't own a camera but i borrowed this one to put up a BIG sale thread(which i haven't even started on yet ha) so i figured i would post a thing
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e0d9n0b5, I've seen you wear that shirt in previous fits before, but damn, it's great. And you wear it so well.
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Originally Posted by aeglus View Post

crosspost from toj thread

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I wear a cap when I don't bother doing my hair

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Originally Posted by grizzlybear View Post


Tons of jism
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Boring fit today (cardi is green btw):


@Jet, yes I have a sock fetish (socks are actually crimson)

Alright, I shall now critique your threads.

You have gone clean, simple and trendy today. Good for you. This look can be seen nearly everywhere this season, in many magazines, many websites, and at many street corners in cities on both sides of the Pond.

Fortunately, you cut a clean figure and you have a lot else going for you--so the ubiquitous simple works for you. But you have to be careful with simple--for simple demands near perfection. You can be a little off with complicated and no one will a hairs' width off with simple, and it'll stick out like a sore thumb.

For this look to work, the colors have to really work together, and it all comes down to fit with the cardi. Yes, you can make the case that the cardi is serving all sorts of purposes this season, from underwear to overcoat. But for your look it must fit perfectly--read, snugly and cleanly--over a tee. Yours is too loose. Notice your shoulders and the sagging fabric under your shoulders and arms. They stick out like a sore thumb from the clean classic lines that this kind of simplicity insists on. Button it up, and it would look baggier, and even worse.

Your belt, jeans and suede ankleboots go well together. With a fitted cardi, you could have gone with slightly less fitted jeans to preserve the lines, but it's not a horrendous error.

A white t-shirt and a black or navy or even grey cardi would have been much better. Much simpler.

And indulge every whim with socks and underwear, that's no sin. He is a true Hedonistic gentleman, he who indulges in cashmere socks hidden under his knee-high boots. And with a double dip looming, we must all indulge whilst we can.
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Im pointing out the obvious here, but man NOBD does MC really well.
I agree with soe of the critiques of the Synthese fit. I dont think the lapels would be too big except they are matched with such slim pants. Makes em look to wide.
The main thing that jumped out at me though was the boots. Dont like the color or overall look with that outfit.
Jacket looks like a nice piece.
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miran, do you write for AskMen? Maybe Cosmo?
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