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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Fit from my first day of school, plz ignore my stupid expression/nancy boy laptop case, that was only a one-day accessory. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

And I look short as fuck too, whatevs

Do like! I can deal with non shirt tuck on buttoned cardigan. Cannot deal with untucked shirt tuck with blazer tho.
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why do you have a big purse and a little purse?

and how can colabear's post not be next-level trolling????
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kept camera and phone in waist bag for convenience, my big bag was very full with a lot of things. that and i like it.
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Originally Posted by malakas View Post

Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

NN, glasses look good, I do not understand the hate (ok I guess they looked odd in that first pic, but not any of the rest)

judging by your waywt pics, how the fuck can you understand...


large text, ok


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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I just don't want to mislead people to believe that I spend time in this forum to look at their crotch bulges. I have mine and if I should think about another guy"s crotch bulge, it should only be my bf's crotch bulge
Edited by colabear - 9/16/11 at 7:55am
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Originally Posted by colabear View Post

For those guys who keep associating me with cock bulges, please

I don't care for other's cock bulges, I only care about MINE OK !! angry.gif

seriously guys, please stop making me look like an expert with cock bulges. I don't spend most of my time thinking about cock bulges. If you have a preconceived notion about me that I like cock bulges because it might seem to appear from my previous postings that I like cock bulges, I'm letting you know now that I DO NOT like cock bulges.

the only individual who you should refer to with opinions about cock bulges is someone who have dealt with cock bulges other than their own. I have NOT dealt with other guy's cock bulges before, therefore, this not make me an expert.

I took time to write this because I don't want everyone who come to this forum to think that colabear is cock bulge expert. I even have friends that come here and I don't want them to think that I really do like cock bulges because I don't want them to feel uncomfortable with me and think that I'm staring at their cock bulge.

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Lord almighty someone please sig this.
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@Uncontrol how can you walk with both bags placing all the weight on the same side of your body? I bet it could have worked with the small bag opposite side? I don't know was just thinking it looked a little too stacked on one side but what do I know.
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I think it's becoming a trend now to carry multiple bags. On the streets, I have seen a girl with like 4 or 5 small bags in different colors strapped around her and she was wearing a simple dress so the bags act like jewelry to adorn the dress. And then this guy was carrying a tote bag with a smaller bag tied around like the tote bag has it's own bag. then I saw another guy with a tote bag, a fanny pack and a back pack and this while just browsing at a comic book store.

I think this style is very 90's and anything 90's is back again. It gives them an image of being very busy and always on the go.
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no way!
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i think cbear is totally catching onto the trend. i myself like to carry not only a mansatchel, but also a fannypack, and oftentimes i carry an army surplus ammo belt w/ gas mask bag, and even a bandolier...you never know when you might need a pack of gum or a grenade...

or something
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hahaha willy brings the lolz biggrin.gif
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Are you a man or woman?

Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post

today at nyfw.



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^when in doubt, adam's apple never lies. Uncontrol, I'm not a fan of the style you go for but I gotta say this is a good look for you. The vest looks interesting. I think the fit could be improved with a pair of sleeker shoes tho (cuban heels maybe?).
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uncontrol new outfit makes him look older, at least the bottom half from the belt down gives off this vibe
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