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I had the displeasure of rubbing my hot little hands all over a women's Vince leather the other day. If TOJ is a lambskin condom, Vince is a ziploc bag on your dick.
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new boots?
awesome stuff synth
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

NN, glasses look good, I do not understand the hate (ok I guess they looked odd in that first pic, but not any of the rest)

judging by your waywt pics, how the fuck can you understand...
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Shitty pic in back alley. Glowering at sun. Bad light conditions. Nothing special just everyday wear.


Shipley & Halmos shirt
Koto chambray workshirt
Billykirk wrap
Epaulet belt
N&F jeans
F+B boots
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Meso, everything fits really well and the proportions are great. Black jeans verge on disrupting everything, but you pull it off nicely by wearing a pair that has a white weft. Halfway house vibe done right.
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Thanks man. The jeans would look better if I took a better pic. The sad thing is my wife is a photographer.
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Synth lookin good, and Meso I like that. Also NN always fire, I have the same pair I think (NdG x OP?)

edit: oops just read they were dita.
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Synth needs to start posting more again. ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

eason it could just be the picture but there seems to be a mild billow effect around the crotch/upper thigh area. perhaps because the jacket is relatively short and the trousers seem to sit quite low? it may be that you are actually wearing them too low, as if they were jeans- suit trousers are generally supposed to sit on your waist (the rise looks fairly long, which would corroborate this). possibly you just need to wear a belt or have the waistband taken in a bit.

The waistband is being taken in 3/8ths of an inch and the thighs are being slimmed, as I noticed that as well. My main concern is the body of the jacket.
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Originally Posted by Harbin View Post

your calves are bigger than your thighs ?


not me.
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Synth, just fapped. Your pic also reminded me of how much I miss the days of Dior Homme - your fit would also be great with just plain all-black monochrome Chucks.
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