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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

that collar is a good height for you mikey. Can't even tell if you're buttoning to the top so i don't know what this guy is on about.


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Man, he's never gonna live that down.
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post

Mikey you need cooler/edgier hair to juxtapose your face.

any more specific suggestions? hair is one thing where I'm just kind of dumb founded. I think I need to grow out the top a bit before I can really do anything with it though.
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Mikey, my advice is to get the length on the top (don't get the top cut for a couple or few months) and keep the sides shorter. Once you get the top the way you want, you could experiment with the length on the sides. Why not start looking into different hair products? Wax will give you more texture. Personally, I prefer (Paul Mitchell) sculpting foam over wax, gel, pomade, glue, etc., but am probably in the minority here. Other products don't work well with my very thick, wavy hair and it gets out of control pretty quickly. Wax works well for fine and/or straight hair, though, and d:fi wax is often considered one of the best waxes out there and better than Paul Mitchell's waxes. (Yes, I am a Paul Mitchell slut, ok.) The best advice I can give you is to buy the best products your salon carries rather than cheaping out with the shit sold in grocery/pharmacy stores.
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i seriously thought mikey had photoshopped george bush's head, until ppl started mentioning the size of his head, haircut, and i thought wtf

btw mikey, nice fit
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George Bush is a handsome guy tho (nh).  Retarded however, but that's beside the point

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he's also much older than mikey.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post




J. Crew

Stetson (vintage)


Shirt looks a little loose but it's straight outta the box & should shrink just enough upon first wash.

Do you know if those pants have a name or anything? Price? Really like your fits, you're a bit taller but we have very similar upper bodies.
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First date tonight. boring ass fit with bigskipesque angle. Sorry guys.  Let's hope it gets me pussy anyway. 






Eta:  fixed terrible quality pic

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Originally Posted by Eason View Post


seriously fatboy, what is this?

your style is regressing
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Ahh, summer...how I wish you would end.

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Sunny Sports
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love those boot synth, i look at with envyyy
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I thought he wasn't wearing shoes for a sec.
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