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Tharsos, the jeans are fine, but the shirt is practically skin tight... which isn't a good look particularly with your frame. Size up and undo a button as Master-Classter suggested. OCBD's are casual, but not casual enough for those sneakers. Would have worked better with an all-white version of what you have or brown boots/derbies.

Agreed. There's been so much emphasis placed on finding the slimmest fit in recent years that a lot of people take it too far and wind up with clothes that look like cellophane around their body.
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KG, you look like a slightly older vincent kartheiser
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close up of sunnies
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ur shirt too tight la @@"
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^^ Looks ok... Brown shoes and belt probably would have been better (beige khakies and black shoes was so imprinted into the psyche in the 90's that it feels dated even if it shouldn't).
I like the blue with blue though, interesting. Shirt's a lil' tight ?satisfied.gif
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I never heard people use words like sunnies and uni until I came to this site 5 years ago.

We say locs and college.
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the shirt is definitely straddling the fence between too tight and just right but sizing up one woulda killed it.

i thought about brown shoes but I ended up opting for black. Matches better with the sunglasses too. But I would have used different black shoes, in retrospect.

the shirt actually has a cool chameleon effect: it's blue at some angles and purple at others. it's pretty cool (and from the Gap icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif )

I stole 'sunnies' from some Australian girls I knew back in college. I've never heard 'locs'.... They also said Uni all the time, but I never caught onto that one...
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Something about the arms of the jacket was bugging me- I figured it out, show a little cuff
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lol, it's a short sleeve shog[1].gif

i know, i know. I dont care, I love wearing short sleeve button ups with a blazer.
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Only after watching Blood in Blood out/American Me will you call sunglasses locs ese
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tobey mcguire... really? fuck.
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