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Originally Posted by jwied82 View Post

in all the criticism of this, im surprised no one pointed out the blazer over a blazer. guess there was too much else to focus on.

edit.... just realized its a double breaster blazer over a vest. first thing i though was it was a db blazer over a 3 or 4 button blazer, which would be odd to say the least.

cause thats the least of his problems
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"sick" fit or what I wear when I'm sick.
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summer sucks
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Lol, initial thought was that mellow has found a new photo setting. biggrin.gif Diggin' the shirt pattern. Are the sleeves really that short? Can't see any roll there.
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Originally Posted by Riio View Post

summer sucks

SF always takes the summer off.

I been lurking SF on a 2005 blackberry trackball POS for the last week, horrible.
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ca4la hat
rick tank
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That shirt kicks ass Rioo
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this owns obviously was wearing it during winter though
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lol, really awesome drawing.
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I've been away for a while and hot/humid weather equals basic fits so here's a shot I took before embarking on a busy b-day weekend:

0oSbV.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Spurr, Cheap Express pants converted to shorts, CPs

Nice, jweid. I always liked those R&B pants. I missed out on my size on Forward a few years back when they offered them. Good stuff.
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Basic but solid, Tonio.
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What I wore to my cousin's wedding yesterday. THERE WAS AN OPEN BAR!!!


Vest: Rag & Bone
Tie: Jack Spade
Shirt: Naked and Famous
Belt: Tanner Goods
Jeans: APC
Shoes: J. Crew (no vis)
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These last two fits are excellent.
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Perfect time for me to break the streak with one of mine. smile.gif


Really wish I'd taken more pictures, since it's a super-awkward pose and I managed to completely miss the sunlight in my yard.

On the plus side, I kinda look like I'm about to vomit into my hand.

Which, for the record, I did not do.
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