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Originally Posted by thatgirl again View Post
hello all .. i have a feeling that my outfit today will be hated, but i love it, so yeah...

scarf and sweater are jcrew
jeans are bess, those are studs on the back pocket
shoes are kors
bag is gryson

Love the look. Probably would have looked better without wedges. Something flat, maybe a pair of Toms or Keds
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Shoes are fine, toms are the biggest pos on the planet.
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her legs look good. would rub.
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So I ironed the suit...
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pants are sloppy jalopy
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wtf toms. i hate those things
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Uniqlo t-shirt for my softball team Black jeans Junhashimoto
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I know my opinion doesn't count for much, but I can't help but thinking that your recent fits would look better without the cuffs/cropped look.
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I honestly don't like cropped too much either, but it's hot, really feels a lot cooler with ankles and shins getting some breeze. I'll have to just start wearing straight-up shorts soon Cardigan was only for inside as my building has AC
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I knew that it was probably hot in Japan; made me wonder why you were wearing a cardigan haha.
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I liked the cropped nn. you're one of my favorite posters that does the crop very well
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Yeah, it's high 70s/low 80s here now, which is perfect, but only gonna get hotter (and humid) Everything inside has serious AC, so I gotta bring a cardigan or light jacket when I'm inside eating or at work or whatever or I freeze to death
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