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So I ironed the suit...
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pants are sloppy jalopy
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wtf toms. i hate those things
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Uniqlo t-shirt for my softball team Black jeans Junhashimoto
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I know my opinion doesn't count for much, but I can't help but thinking that your recent fits would look better without the cuffs/cropped look.
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I honestly don't like cropped too much either, but it's hot, really feels a lot cooler with ankles and shins getting some breeze. I'll have to just start wearing straight-up shorts soon Cardigan was only for inside as my building has AC
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I knew that it was probably hot in Japan; made me wonder why you were wearing a cardigan haha.
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I liked the cropped nn. you're one of my favorite posters that does the crop very well
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Yeah, it's high 70s/low 80s here now, which is perfect, but only gonna get hotter (and humid) Everything inside has serious AC, so I gotta bring a cardigan or light jacket when I'm inside eating or at work or whatever or I freeze to death
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Our Legacy
Viberg x Hobo
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Originally Posted by Alexlude View Post
today to work, comfy.. excuse the wrinkled hoody

- Shades of Grey
- AA
- LV

if you didnt mention brands, this seriously much cheaper than what it is.

esp lv-> looks like some skater shoes or something fat, maybe angle

like the hoodie though
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Not sure if this belongs here or in the WAYWT in MC:
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our legacy jeans are beautiful, nice outfit ed
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Hairy ankles ITT.
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Originally Posted by e0d9n0b5 View Post
Nice shoes!
Originally Posted by Al_Merick View Post
The G.H. Bass Brocktons, right? I have the same model, in light blue. Did they cut up your feet when you first got them? Mine were hella bad!
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