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hahahaha this is fantastic
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Lol nice fits.

Boots over feet + bows1 facial expression is messing w my head
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good work guys
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post
First Doppelganger posts?

Me as Scott.m


scott.m as me


This is the gayest thing I've seen in weeks. Good job.
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I think the best thing about the scott/bows fits is that you can tell how much shorter scott is by the angle of the pics alone (assuming scott took the pic of bows and bows took the pic of scott).
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This looks good in a sufu kinda way.

Scottbows's Trickers cap toes are rad
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Meh, those jawnz look better on you than on scott. No hate.
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Man, eason is really doing it for me these days. the rest of you hacks need to step up your game.
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moar shitty pix

with hoodie

crate vs farinelli
vans vault
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between the wvg and the crate vs. farinelli jeans you are like mauro's poster child, hehe everything looks really good though. I like the color of the shirt.
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pre-tag removal
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post
Haha, no it is fantastic. You wake up late, watch TV in bed, stumble down the street for an awesome brunch and proceed to get afternoon-drunk in defiance of and with utter disregard for the fact that you may or may not have to be in the office/court the next day. Also, Sunday is outdoor activity day. Great for stuff like going out on the ocean or tearing up the hills in an unreliable mid-70s Italian convertible (probably skip the mimosas at brunch if you're going to do the latter). Seriously I do not understand why more people don't get this. --- adadan: great first poast
that's not my sunday. btw givenchy sneaker guy - when those shoes were first posted on sufu (a long long time ago), they were kind of hype. similar to how the YSL rollings and the balenciagas were/are. everything is multiphasic?
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goddamn noobizor how fucking corny are you.
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Originally Posted by Blog Marley View Post
moar shitty pix

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

with hoodie

crate vs farinelli
vans vault

I dislike the slim, small hoody's effect on the entire proportion of the outfit. I know it fits fine, but it appears small and makes the shirt appear so as well.
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