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futuruma so good...
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
futuruma so good...
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Originally Posted by scott.m View Post
i'm sorry but if you can juggle more than one aesthetic do it. frankly the only thing that throws off ARW's fit is the shoes, which in my opinion have no place here and would be much better with some sneakers or something.

I agree, if you can juggle more, though that is a big if. I think it is fair to say many people can't afford the money and effort involved in constructing a wardrobe with clothes of many different distinct styles and executing succesful fits within these many different distinct styles. It's kind of the equivalent of going to university to major in everything, you're best picking a few relevant subjects and investing your money and effort into them rather than dividing yourself between many. Not saying it's impossible, again, if you can juggle many, all the power to you, but from experience and with reason I deduce that this is easier said than done.

Originally Posted by indesertum View Post
i honestly don't understand what you ppl are complaining about. I agree. ARW is steezing all over your white on white with margiela high top steez.

True, my style is a definite work in progress, but noticing my faults and others is part of the development process, it's not about complaining.

Originally Posted by Nil View Post
How are dirty white Drkshdw jeans business casual?

They're not dirty and I thought they were chinos until I read the brand, I wouldn't be so quick to judge something just by the label, many avant garde brands make blazers for example that would easily pass as business casual.
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Originally Posted by asobu View Post
Diors looks great on some people, true, but I wouldn't say it's a universal fit that looks good on anyone. A lot of other raw denim brands have a quality fits without lots of bells and whistles or being drenched in heritage image. I admit those Diors fit kevin pretty fucking well though, nice fadesz too.

edit: of course, they might fit you well. I was just speaking in general terms.

If they can fit me they can fit just about damn anyone . In seriousness though I can't see many people not fitting them well, the best part about them is the high seat and slightly tapered skinny-straight legs, which I think would fit most skinny to slim people's lower body. Basically it's a cut made for the non-overweight young people who aren't aneroxic but are on the slim side, I see it as the equivalent to a blazer with slight waist supression, slim arms and the beloved high armholes.
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Something feels off this time, not sure what. Cold as fuck in the middle of March with snow on the ground is messing with my brain.
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I like the shirt.
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proportions are off. you look like a munchkin.
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Originally Posted by sq4you View Post
are you talking about me or xenox? i think he owns margiela high tops. i dont have any of that stuff you mentioned. although i just posted white jeans with the white mmm painted shoes in "ss10 want-to-kops"


criticism is good, but some of the stuff you people say goes beyond .
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
proportions are off. you look like a munchkin.

I thought so too. Sorta weird, wore almost the exact same stuff before with no problems so I'm guessing I picked a shitty camera angle.
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Originally Posted by Seafinch View Post

RJB 66BSPBK (first time out)

Originally Posted by connor View Post

Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post

Coming from a noob, but all looks awesome. Fit is on point.
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camera on its way back from canon, but not a single person in this thread is wearing green so i had to post (I assure you the shirt is green) btw, RIP Alex Chilton
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Originally Posted by XenoX101 View Post
, oh why did I click 'view post'

The top and bottom don't work together for me, the top is sorta grunge/hobo while the bottom is moreso business casual, if your jeans were more worn/less stiff and clean and you wore them with some boots or scruffed up derbys it'd probably work better. Some stubble and an edgier haircut would also do nicely but thats just my take on the look.

From what I remember of your last fits I think you're probably trying to do too many aesthetics at once and this might be the reason for the incongruency, if you just try to stick to a single aesthetic you'll be much more consistent with your fits. I've been in the same boat for a while and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to look like, but it's something I'm working towards. As the saying goes "A rolling stone gathers no moss".

Wrong, andrew is a qtpie.

he pulls it off well
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alex chilton died? sad day.
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Originally Posted by tonio028 View Post
Full view pics I took look like dog s**t so this is just the top half:

I like the sweater. What brand is it?
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