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A bit warm out now to really wear the pants, but just felt compelled to wear them at least a few times before putting them away for next fall. Details: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Julius/Viridi Anne/Sasquatch Fabrix/DBSS
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Proper spring weather:

Born Ted Baker
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That looks like an actual smile, MoK... Well done.
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Originally Posted by mrjames View Post
what brand are these?

black coated nudies

Originally Posted by Knisse View Post
dibadiba -> just curious, how long did it take you to learn that freeze?

can't remember, been a long time. start with head and feet on the ground until you're comfortable, then lift the feet, then lift the head and work on your balance a bit until you can nail the position you want.
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Snake: that looks really good, everything works together and the difference between the upper and lower halfs of your body works well with the shorts making it seem less a change between the heavier outer layer and skinny jeans, but i'm new so feel free to disregard if it makes no sense.
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Snake, that's pretty darn excellent.
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I really don't like the shorts.
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I can't imagine it very difficult to do sz looks, I mean for one thing color is a non-issue. Most of the silhouettes work with each other too so probably one of the easier styles to master (not directed to snake).
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What do you mean? Like, things that drape go well with other things that drape? Maybe, maybe not - but is this different than how easy it is to wear margiela, ervell, dries, blahblahblah together? Or Jcrew, EG, wwm, quoddy etc? I'm also not really sure what you mean by "SZ style," exactly. And for whatever it's worth, I pretty much hate wearing black, and whenever I do, I try to limit it to a couple pieces. Speaking of which, Gilt just informed me that a pair of RO pants for which I had optimistically joined the "waitlist" became available in my size. So, another black thing to add :/ Really surprised that actually worked, though.
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Really don't like the shorts on snake and I feel like everyone's playing a late april fools joke on me by giving Uncontrol props for those flares. Shit is straight awful. I know Jet has to be trolling.

The stretching process continues. Not much point blocking out face on this one. Click for hi res alternate.
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We've had a couple false starts of spring now. The most recent snowfall had all but melted as of this morning when we got hit with a fresh coating.
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Appreciate the comments guys. The layered shorts concept is a love it or hate it type of thing. I wasn't a fan of them either at first but it grew on me. Wanted to do a bit of proportion play and these fit the bill.
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What's all that white shit on the trees and the ground?
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Fairy dust. Sorry, fairies don't exist in california. They've been hunted to extinction by the scientologists.
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What do you mean what do I mean?

btw friday with some lag 16 and 75 degrees

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