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Originally Posted by DLester View Post
Re the Lanvis: The proportions on this look good to me. I am not sure what is putting people off; Lanvins aren't unusually chunky, although the sole is bigger than CPs. I like the contrast of the white sole as well.

At any rate, I see a lot more thicker soled sneakers with slim jeans these days, which is what people seem to be doing with DBSS for example.

I can't tell what the colors of the upper are. If they are brown/olive as BD says above, then they would not be my first choice with a black leather.

Reasonable minds can differ on all of this.

Yeah a lot of them are ridiculous, and I am guilty of posting one of those here recently.

You should be standing for this pic so we can see that flare.

I agree. Not sure why people don't like AR's fit. I think it looks great. I rarely see looks in sw&d other than guys like nicely and slack that I would ever really be able to, or want to, emulate. AR's fit in that pic is something I think I can do similar to and look good. I recently got a pair of black low top lanvins and they seem pretty easy to work into to my dress. They are after all, as someone mentioned, just sneakers. They might be more 'baller' or whatever, and a little more shiny with the patent leather, but all and all a pretty conservative in terms of some of the crazy spaceshoe typa stuff I see people wearing here. I do enjoy checking out those the fits with the 'big' shoes, I just could never work them into my look personally.
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Because the Midwest is shit.
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Originally Posted by slack tide View Post
I think it goes without saying that a certain subset of board members are looking at another board member for blatant aesthetic direction. Just be careful as while certain fits may look good on Scott, they may not look good on you. There are just so many variables to consider and taking that into consideration the bolded portion above comes across as a bit silly.

But, Mike, with all due respect, I know you are struggling dimensionally and I applaud the steps you've taken this far to up your game (0). I think we've all seen improvements over the past few months. And being humble and receptive towards comments is such an important thing, and I know you do that.

I will state the obvious. All of the Common Projects hype & hoopla which runs abound is justified. However, I am HUGE fan of basic white lace up vans in white. Especially for the summer. And I love to beat the crap out of them. Though, your sneakers are bordering on a bit haggard and probably due for replacement. They also look a bit wide and a tad clunky (you may have a wide foot, not sure..). I've found Keds (check your pre-conceptions at the door!) to be a great slim-lined option for cheap basic casual footwear. If you can seek out a pair of Ked "Call of Duties" from last summer, imo, those would be ideal. They were my #1 beaters from last summer and have some nice pics of them to prove it. And cheap, if you're working with budget barriers.

Without a pretty wide wardrobe, I could see that windbreaker being difficult to pair with respect to what to wear under. I'm struggling myself to think (a grey v-neck or crew?). However, the plaid just doesn't work with the look. White lends itself to the warmer seasons and it is in direct competition with that darker colored plaid. Which typically, as I'm sure you know, is more on the Winter side of the pattern spectrum. If you like your checks, try some madras for the spring. (side note: i believe that may be a Gant you're wearing, and if so, I don't know why they released a Spring/Summer set of clothing in mostly fall/winter plaid patterns).

Preparing to be stoned to death, but also, I think the jeans are a little wide. My apologies if they're new, but I can't bite my tongue on it. Not just a "tad" wide, but they look oversized. Denim sizing is an art, and differs from person to person, but this is just my opinion. I would look for a slimmer leg that you can get with a factory/off the rack 30" inseam. Nudies (gasp!) come to mind for a denim with plenty of sizing and styles and at relatively reasonable price points.

Keep posting, keep up the good work -- and we'll be here to continue to pick your looks apart!

Wow. Great write up. Ive read this thread pretty much daily for the last few months and think mike has made leaps and bounds. I kinda like his style and where he is going with it. Most likely bc of it reminds of my own progression.

Oh, and I think the jeans look good and arent too wide at all, now I'm really terrified to post a fit pic in this thread.
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thanks for the compliments du. I'd say post a fit pic even if you know it will get torn apart. that's what I did and it really helped to direct my attention to things I needed to fix. some things I knew before posting the picture, but other things I never would have known without posting a fit pic.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
gimme a quarter pounder with cheese, and a 6 piece nuggets, diet coke bro

LoL! Creative and hilarious. The pictures are awkward. Rainbow socks look really bad too. It's like some feminine leggings
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No matter how hard he fails each time at least he keeps trying.
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This is what are you wearing today, it is what I wore today. Some days I dress better than others, but TODAY this is what I wore.

I could post pictures of the cigar I smoked, or be snarky about what other people wore but instead I decided to post a picture of What I wore today.

Originally Posted by jet View Post
Why is the landscaping always shit in the midwest.

In this particular instance, I rent. My landlord makes me take care of the yard and honestly since it isn't my house I don't give a shit.

Originally Posted by scott.m View Post
Because the Midwest is shit.

Come off it asshole.

Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post
Robbie, that's the clearest picture you've ever posted. New camera?
same one, i am slowly but surely getting better at using it.
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das cute robbie
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Robbie, I think just a white tee would have looked more fitting. Are those the cones? They're fading nicely.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
das cute robbie

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Robbie, I'm sorry. (10)
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I put my $$$$ on midwest blue collar laborer over new york street hobbit any day.
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scott.m you're a fuck head (0)
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Originally Posted by scott.m View Post
Robbie, I'm sorry. (10)
Where can I read all these footnotes
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Hahaha best ctk post ever.
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