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location is great stuff. fit is perfect imo. pocket detail on the sweater is nice!!

slack delivering the goods!!!!!
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Thanks snowman!
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Originally Posted by Guitar Preacher View Post
Well done. I own that shirt and it is pretty loud I think you found the best pairing for it with those chinos.

thanks! did you have to have the sleeves shortened too? when i got the shirt I found the fit baffling. worked everywhere except the gorilla arms; who has slim shoulders and crazy long arms? whatever. it was a cheap alteration and the shirt was on sale so i went for it.
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@Slacktide, deets on outfit? Looks great!
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Here is a hint for you: W+H.
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Originally Posted by saelan View Post
i am also curious about these bucks.

It's APC from a few seasons ago.
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^ really like slacktide's latest one. what are the pants? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
re: uncontrol's outfit, i think the boots are a little clunky for your style. okay for the gyaru-oh look, but too rugged to be able to nail that vampiric ホスト look that you seem to be striving for. The details are nice, but maybe something that's more polished with a pointier toe? like the fuga boots。 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
regarding the jeans, i'm not feeling it either. maybe because it looks a little too artificial? not sure if you use it to change the look to be a little more aggressive, as an intermediate interpretation of the two styles. liked it better when it looked like this, but that could just be me being conservative. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
and the bag, whenever i see it i think it makes you look way too top heavy
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thank you, pants are w/h 'anti fit' in khaki
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75 outside today! Alternative All Saints Riviera's
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thanks for the feedback unicorn (lol) for the bag making me look top heavy ... well, it's a fairly large bag, that i tend to carry things in. i don't know how to avoid it looking heavy other than not wearing a bag at all. non-bag pic: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I love those Fuga boots but the largest size is 26.5-27cm They are chunky, this look is a bit more "gyaru-o" than I'm used to but I'm trying to branch out a bit more from the typical darker stuff I'm used to. Thanks for the comments.
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dont understand what ppl are bitching about.

i like the outfit (glad you ditched the glasses), but i honestly dont think the boots work. really like everything else. a more minimal bag might look better. the one with the bag looked a little too garish (too many things going on).

i think you aesthetic could look better if something were toned down a little bit
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it would look better toned down a bit, but i don't think uncontrol wants that. that specific style of japanese casual wear is supposed to be edgy and... gaudy isn't the right word, but...just not boring. flashy, more like. its just really hard finding a balance of being cool and overdoing it, since he's trying to find a happy medium between a younger and older style of dress.
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Epaulet Shirt
J.Crew Cardigan
Penfield Coat
Epaulet Chino
Thorogood x Epaulet
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Originally Posted by BeingBot View Post

Epaulet Shirt
J.Crew Cardigan
Penfield Coat
Epaulet Chino
Thorogood x Epaulet

not bad at all, beingbot. bring the pooch in the shot next time
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beingbot, I think the ep chino's taped seam detail looks better if you get a smaller flash of it--make the cuffs smaller.
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